Time to get your mood on for the weekend!

Ahead of the official release this coming Monday, we’re pleased to premiere the new video for ‘Be There’ by Scandinavia’s Keep Camping.

‘Be There’ is the title track from the band’s EP released last October 2015, and the energy of the performance in this live session is the perfect introduction the electro alt-pop band from Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

“With this live session we wanted to bring our music out into the rough and pitch black Danish night and focus on the live energy and the magic of the moment,” said the band. “Without the comfort of the usual studio environment with endless takes we were forced to act as one pounding unit and maintain the intensity throughout the session to keep out the wind and freezing cold.”

The headlights of a lone car highlight the contours of the band in the barren darkness of the Danish outdoors, lending an impromptu edge to the atmospheric set-up, “It was a rather unusual experience to perform out in the open like this with our light strips and headlights from a car as the only light bringing the shadows to life and embracing the darkness.”

I bet. And quite frankly, we’d like to be there.

Keep Camping are completed by Mikkel Møl (vocal/guitar), Max Kirkeby (vocal/guitar/synth), Simon Stadsholt (vocal/bass/synth), Søren Mehlsen (drums/samples) and Martin Brassøe (drums/samples).

The video for ‘Be There’ is set for release on April 11th.


Words: Sarah Hardy
Photo: Peter L. Nielsen