(She!) She told me that she loved me,
And like a fool I believed her from the start
(She!) She said she’d never hurt me,
But then she turned around and broke my heart.

No one belts out a heartbroken love song like the late great, Del Shannon of ‘Runaway’ and ‘Keep Searching’ fame.

From praising his ex-girlfriend’s new lover for breaking her heart on ‘Hats Off To Larry’, to those heartfelt moments when he sang about his ‘Little Town Flirt (I’ve Fallen For Her)’.

Badass track, ‘She’, is no exception. This track’s got everything that Del stood for, both lyrically and musically – the song is carried through by raw guitars, plus that always recognizable organ sound.

(She!) She laughed while I was crying
It was such a joke to see the way it hurt.
Why am I standing here
Missing her and wishing she were here?

Twenty-six years ago today, one of the greatest voices of rock‘n’roll was forever silenced, when Del – due to struggles with depression – shot himself dead with a shotgun.


Words: Anders Knudsen