She’s got a feeling for the spring 
I’ve got another song to sing

‘Girl On A Swing’ is beautiful ballad from ex. Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers’ debut album, Toy of a Joy (1969), a whimsical and unique vision that clearly indicates how Soft Machine might have progressed under Ayers’ tenure.

The group had quickly established themselves as a name on the London underground scene, from playing shows at the UFO Club, and touring with Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

Kevin left the group shortly after releasing their debut album in 1968, to pursue a solo career.

She’s not a victim of despair 
She’s just a feeling in the air

A version of this song, featuring Kevin with his daughter Galen was recorded, but sadly never released, and only a few lucky people heard it, when it was available on myspace.

She sways, silently she sings 
Her song gives my body wings


Words: Anders Knudsen