“Try and approach this song as if you were a sixteen-year-old girl who fucks truck drivers.”

Apparently this is what Lee Hazlewood told Nancy Sinatra, one November’s day, many years ago, in Western Recorders studio in Hollywood, California.

Nancy was about to sing vocals for a new tune Hazlewood had written called ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’, which according to guitarist Al Casey sounded ‘very cute’, though he was never expecting it to become the major hit that it did.

For this session Hazlewood had hired the LA music industry’s most desired sessions musicians, also known as the Wrecking Crew, which as well as Al Casey, also included the likes of Hal Blaine on drums, Tommy Tedesco and Billy Strange on guitars, Carol Kaye on electric bass, and of course Chuck Berghofer who provided that famous double bass line. On top of that, Ollie Mitchell, Roy Caton and Lew McCreary providing the horns on what what a bout to become the ultimate all time classic.

‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ was released fifty years ago today.

Check out Lee’s original demo for the song above.


Words: Anders Knudsen