The Collective (Artists of London) Get Set To Present Emerging Talent At Coll-Fest 2017

Cat Moody, IllustratorFran Antonia, RapperTajhame Francis, Spoken Word ArtistHarrie Hayes, PerformerChantelle Dusette (L) Lauren Silver (R), both writers, performers and founders of The CollectiveSean Oliver, Artist

Coll-Fest is a one day festival showcasing the works of twenty-two artists from all disciplines, who have shared and tested ideas with The Collective (Artists of London) over the last year.

Founded by Chantelle Dusette and Lauren Silver (both writers and performers), The Collective have been supported by Lights of Soho since inception in July 2016. The Collective is a monthly event, where the first two sessions are open to artists to share, and on the third meeting artists present and share their progress for further encouragement and support of the developing ideas.

“We felt there was a need to create an environment that would support artists and creatives of all backgrounds, who could share their new work for a diverse audience to receive constructive feedback,” explain the founders. “This festival is a celebration of all the artists who we’ve championed over the last year to platform new and exciting work that has been developed.”

Coll-Fest is a ‘pay-what-you-decide’ event taking place on 24th September 2017 from 1PM – 8PM at Omeara, 6 O’Meara Street, London Bridge, SE1 1TE.

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