Rock. Boom. Loud.

Please let us introduce… the explosive rock band – Echo Boom Generation!!

Fronted by one of the most talked about female guitarists of the moment, Linda Buratto, Echo Boom Generation is completed by bassist Emma Hughes, who has worked with artists such as Charli XCX, and awesome drummer Callum Green.

With big guitar riffs and off the hook bass lines, the London based three-piece are causing quite a stir on the grunge rock scene, with a combination of classic rock influences, such as Led Zeppelin and modern contemporary artists like Royal Blood.

When not playing as Echo Boom Generation, the girls can also be found touring with Brit-fem export Kate Nash, who also heads up Girl Gang TV. FMS caught up with them while they were doing just that, in LA, no less…

The rock genre is heavily dominated by males, how do you guys use your girl power to stand out?

By not feeling phased by being girls. We don’t want to play on it and just see Echo Boom Generation as a group of friends that love writing rock songs and performing with all our energy and passion.

Can you explain the inspiration behind your artwork?

Our recent artwork is inspired and by a combination of Linda’s phrase ‘Release the beast!’ and the intro of True Detective! The phrase ‘Release the beast!’ ties in well with our single ‘The Voice’ and is basically about the inner crazy fun spirit that society makes you feel self-conscious about! It’s about letting loose and allowing those epic feelings to shine through.

Do you have any advice for young musicians? 

Just play! Learn your favourite songs, start writing and start bands with friends. Get out there and rock.

What are you aiming to change/influence with your music?

EH: I think the perception of female musicians. Linda and I aren’t trying to recreate a perfect image that the media pushes a lot within music. We like to go crazy on stage, head bang, shout and get sweaty. Also our music is driving to create a community, connection and friendship with fans and other bands. We feel like this has been lost slightly. Watching a band and buying a record is a great experience that should be shared and celebrated.

What is the Boom Revolution?

Being true to yourself and not conforming to what society expects you to do! Being able to shout about it and express yourself.

How are you finding the Kate Nash tour – what’s been your weirdest or most memorable experience to date?

It’s been such an inspiring experience to work with an artist that is so true to herself and has achieved so much over her career. She writes great songs that are relatable and catchy! The weirdest most incredible thing is being able to play shows all over the world and have people know who you are.

Also playing Reading Festival with Kate a couple of years ago was insane as I remember watching her in 2007 as a punter and would have never dreamt I’d be up there a few years later!

Can you explain in three words what Girl Gang is and what you guys have got to do with it?

Girl Gang is a community built around empowering women and making sure there are equal rights for both men and women involved in music. We became involved in it through Kate. It’s a wonderful thing being part of a worldwide community celebrating creativeness, friendship and strength by being supportive to others. It’s something we want to help expand and continue to support. Linda has been filming for the Girl Gang YouTube channel, doing guitar lessons to help encourage more girls to play music.


Just make sure you check out our new single ‘The Voice,’ which is released today! And catch us playing at our single launch on September 30th at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch (it’s free entry and there are other amazing bands supporting so no excuses!)


Single Launch – 30 September, Old Blue Last, London


Words: Kirsten Goljar
Photo: Wunmi Onibudo