Arc Iris have today announced their upcoming third album, Icon Of Ego, with the release of ‘$GNMS’ – the first single to be taken from the LP, and a complete reinterpretation of ‘Money Gnomes’ from their debut.

Where the original version of ‘$GNMS’ carried a folksy looseness, with a banjo and brush drums, the new iteration goes total sci-fi. Any impish charm is wrung out and sculpted into Kraftwerkian logarithms. Plugged-in machines replace acoustic instruments, and the song’s renewal mirrors that adjustment.

In Icon of Ego, the band interrogates the notions of celebrity, fame, and idol worship. What makes an icon? How do people fall under the spell of a charismatic other (or entity)? What is it like to be that icon?

Icon Of Ego is the follow-up to Arc Iris’s self-titled debut, Arc Iris (2014, ANTI-label), and their [US] self-released sophomore, Moon Saloon (2016); which was also released by Bella Union in Europe. This year also saw the release of Foggy Lullaby – a complete re-imagination of Joni Mitchell’s Blue, which the band performed at Washington’s Kennedy Center.

Look out for tour dates as the band have always embraced theatricality – displaying an array of costumes, flare, and light rigs, enhanced by choreographed dance moves – and promise a whole new live experience to accompany the new album.

Icon Of Ego is set for for release on 12th October via Ba Da Bing Records.

‘$GNMS’ is out now.

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