Aaron Francis Walker is a stylist and DJ who has raided the record collections of many of his styling clients. He has dressed everyone from Ariana Grande to Rudimental and was even allowed into Elton John’s actual wardrobe (a massive warehouse in North London) to shoot Queen Elton’s actual ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ tour costumes. However, the music that really gets his whistle wet when he’s DJing (or hoovering) is female-led Hip Hop.

So in a slightly belated celebration of both Black History Month and International Women’s Day here are Aaron’s Top 10 tracks by lady rappers who aren’t Iggy Australia.

1. Missy Elliott – ‘Work It’

“Remember when Katy Perry’s blue wig performed at the Super Bowl last year? Well, neither does anyone else because this living legend stole the show.”

2. Dominique Young Unique – ‘Show My Ass’

“The first time I heard this I thought I was having some kind of speed flash back. I had the pleasure of working with Dominique a few times. You can only play this if your crowd are a particular kind of nasty.”

3. Lauryn Hill – ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’

“Lauryn Hill is life. This song seems to want us to abstain and go to church…er…Sister Act 2 is also really great.”

4. Lady Leshurr – ‘Queen’s Speech Ep. 1’

“Even though Ep. 4 has more views, this is my favourite of this viral series of videos. You should also check out her freestyle for SBTV back in 2011. FIYA!”

5. Lil Mama – ‘Sausage’

“Her lip gloss is still poppin’. This track features a Slick Rick sample, Vogueing, a lewd vine meme and a bashment moment, in a touching ode to her musical heritage and penises.”

6. Salt-N-Pepa – ‘Shoop’

“This song was in the Deadpool trailer and reminded everyone how wonderful Salt-N-Pepa are.”

7. Azealia Banks – ‘1991’

“This appeals to the podium dancing queenery of my younger self. It has a lovely 90s dance flavour which mixes beautifully with the gay anthems from that period, like ‘Vogue’ and ‘Finally’.”

8. Angel Haze – ‘Werkin Girls’

“Angel Haze is pretty metal for a rap artist. This is still my favourite song of theirs. If you’re wondering why I’m using a plural pronoun for Angel it’s because they are gender-neutral. Angel doesn’t strictly belong on this list, but hey… #2016”

9. Nicki Minaj – ‘Feeling Myself ft. Beyoncé’

“If you can be arsed to subscribe to Tidal you can watch the video for this. These two are defo the current reigning queens of pop and rap – A perfect team-up.”

10. Lil Kim – ‘The Jump Off’

“I used to play 2nd Cornet in my school orchestra, so brass instruments have a special place in my heart. Here is Lil Kim rapping over a marching band.”

You can find Aaron at Translate Shoreditch, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, Blind Spot St Martin’s Lane and sometimes DJing in shop windows (Armani and Topshop). For more info and booking enquiries contact SauceDJs.com.

His styling work can be ogled here:

Aaron Francis Walker