London alt-rock band, Arcadial (aka Benjamin Blake and Jason Wadely), released their debut EP earlier this year, having made the excellent financial decision of moving to Central London without jobs, and laden with accumalating student debt, to pursue a lucrative career in music. The Pandorium EP is the first fruit of their labour; a product of musical experimentation, tied together with catchy riffs and melodies.

“As a band that has become renowned for their musical experimentation, as well as their political beliefs, Arcadial have placed themselves in the midst of an ever-increasing political landscape. Considering the increasing political tensions between younger and older generations, it is no surprise that sometimes we just don’t get on with some of our older counterparts. To avoid a dispute or two in family gatherings, we would like to collate ten music videos that we love, but Grandma would find inappropriate.”

1. Alt-J – ‘Left Hand Free’

“We’ll go on record to say that this is our least favourite Alt-J song, and that’s after the bonus points it gets for being about masturbation. Grandma isn’t keen on masturbation, and she certainly isn’t keen on shoot ups at pool parties.”

2. Modest Mouse – ‘King Rat’

“From the man that gave us the Joker from The Dark Knight, we have a music video in which whales hunt down humans. Babies are flayed. Wives are ripped from their husbands. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, Grandma doesn’t see the parallels and thinks this modern obsession with gore is crude.”

3. Pendulum – ‘Slam’

“Grandma has absolutely no problems with people that want to lose weight – but they can’t do it in a manner that causes a scene. This is wholly inappropriate, and that man needs to put his top back on. Furthermore, Grandma does NOT like dubstep.”

4. Childish Gambino – ‘This Is America’

“The most iconic music video of the past decade, possibly ever. But, what on earth is this young man trying to say? America is the land of the free, where anyone can pursue their dreams if they pull up their bootstraps and put in some elbow grease.”

5. Pink Floyd – ‘On The Run’

“You can see it in her eyes when she listens to this song, she doesn’t have to say a thing – Grandma gets transported to a time when she used to take weekend breaks down to Bognor and get smashed on LSD. That’s embarrassing for her to think about now, so she’d really rather the song was turned off.”

6. Idles – ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’

“This is a fantastic song about toxic masculinity. Idles’ performance at the Mercury Awards was something to behold. However, even if the music video didn’t have two men kissing, Grandma doesn’t like video games as they promote violence.”

7. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Killing In The Name’

“Speaking of promoting violence, Grandma believes that rap catalyses violence even more than gaming. In her mind, the theory is confirmed by this song’s music video. Additionally, oppressing the bourgeoise’s state police is bad news for pensioners and must be neutralised at all costs.”

8. Kendrick Lamar – ‘For Free?’

“Sadly, the young lady at the beginning of this music video reminds Grandma too much of her own prime years. She did well for herself and managed to sustain a wealthy lifestyle with someone else’s money. However, she is a better woman now and prefers to preach to the children that one should earn their place in this world.”

9. Dizzee Rascal – ‘Bassline Junkie’

“He don’t need no speed. He don’t need no heroin. He don’t want no coke. He says, ‘keep your heroin.’ Grandma approves. She likes this a lot despite the urban feel of the song. But wait, is that man now pretending to be a priest? Is he suggesting his music offers the same salvation as our Lord and Saviour? Grandma no longer approves. You have to be qualified to perform an exorcism.”

10. Aphex Twin – ‘Come To Daddy’

“I once worked with a grown woman that had a tattoo on her arm that said, unironically, ’daddy’s little girl’. Personally, I find that really creepy – Grandma finds it endearing. What Grandma does find creepy is this music video for Aphex Twin’s ‘Come To Daddy’.”

Arcadial’s debut EP, Pandorium is out now. Watch the video for ‘Twenty-Seven Closed Doors’ HERE.

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