Today sees the release of Aller-Retour, the debut album by rising French trio Bon Entendeur. “It is a balance between revisited songs and original productions, back and forth through various musical styles an ‘Aller-Retour’ in times,” say the band, who describe the LP as a huge step in their development and one that highlights the band’s musical richness.

Bon Entendeur was born from the collective passion of three friends – Arnaud Bonet, Pierre Della Monica, and Nicolas Boisseleau – united by musical obsession, a love for French culture and the enthralling idea of hybrid formats fuelled by their mutual passions. Their adventure began with a rather classic approach of creating playlists out of the music they love. Over time, they began adding what would soon become their trademark: the sampled voice-overs of French celebrities including Actor Jean Reno, Sophie Marceau and former president Jacques Chirac, which they blend into their mixes. A format they’ve upheld for over 5 years, with 40 mixtapes and over 70 million plays, developing a seal of the highest approval in the process.

Bon Entendeur is in a voluntary pursuit to elevate culture in its own first language, through their own timeless sense of presence, aesthetics… and live performance. On the decks, they mix and blend musical homages of their own making to sold-out venues with infectious finesse. In a show of audacity on par with their tireless pursuit of new ideas, 2016 saw them release their own take on a French classic, Le temps est bon. An instant hit.

As for their playlist: “Happy to introduce our selection which not only sweeps the last decades of French chanson but gathers classics and unknown tracks of our culture. Sometimes danceable, sometimes simply beautiful, they all have the merit of marking us and eras they lived it, for many different reasons.”

1. Paul Martin – ‘Le troublant témoignage’

“This first track is a very particular one as it has been sung by an actor that wasn’t a single at all! He chose a fake name back then, as he feared to be teased. This track touched us because of the composure of the song, an actor that talks on top of a sweet melody echoes our Bon Entendeur’s first intention.”

2. Charles Trenet – ‘Route nationale 7’

“Charles Trenet is one of the most famous French singers of all generations. This track evokes the notorious ’Nationale 7’ French road which goes all the way to South of France through Provence region where two members of Bon Entendeur are from. An irrefutable lightness and melody for a 50-year-old song that didn’t age at all.”

3. Yves Simon – ‘Au Pays Des Merveilles de Juliet’

“From an unjustly not well-known author, this song is stuffed with references. It evokes a carefreeness through a very light, yet heady melody. We actually reworked this track we love to give it more ‘current’ vibe, which you can listen on our YouTube Chanel.”

4. Brigitte Bardot – ‘Un jour comme un autre’

“This track is from 1967. We recognize here the pureness of Brigitte Bardot. She was a legendary French actress and model of the mid-20th century. The song is about the breakup subject with obvious detached lyrics which brings out the charm that Brigitte Bardot embodied back then.”

5. Maya – ‘Lait De Coco’

“Maya is a not well-known band from the ‘80s, personified by Christophe Laurent and Oliver Andres. This song knew a renewed interest in the 2010’s as the chorus is very groovy and efficient musicality. For us, it now is a true classic.”

6. France Gall – ‘Dancing Disco’

“France Gall sung for the greatest authors of last century’s second half. Unimaginable for us not to mention her in this 10-tracks list. From 1977, France Gall followed on Disco’s heals, making her one of fashions ‘avant garde’ personalities in France. She has since been reworked / remixed in France so this track ‘Dancing Disco’ deserved to be highlighted here.”

7. Regrets – ‘Je ne veux pas rentrer chez moi seule’

“Pretty unknown, Regrets had one hit in the early ‘80s and then disappeared. This track crosses all ages as its groove and arrogant lyrics makes it very current.”

8. Michel Legrand – ‘Disco Magic Concorde’

“Michel Legrand passed away this year, aged 86. He was a superstar – won three Oscar awards and was famous for his irrefutable soundtracks. This medley highlights his best hits, melancholic but disco at the same time. French genius, recognised by all outside of France, he is one to be missed and will forever belong to the French heritage.”

9. Johnny Hallyday – ‘Le Penitencier’

“How not to mention Johnny Hallyday when talking about French top 10 songs? True icon and singer of French heritage, Johnny brilliantly united all generations with automatically chart-hitting hits. This song echoes the young rock artist he once was, slightly young and fragile voice already ready to conquer French public. He was hands down part of our childhoods.”

10. Michel Berger – ‘Tant d’amour perdu’

“Michel Berger is one of the greatest French authors/composers/singers. Still today his melodies inspire a great deal of producers and sparks off covers. Berger’s genius consisted in creating avant-gardist melodies for the time he lived in. Sometimes made a fool of in the past, he unites through his implacable melodies and instrumentals.”

Bon Entendeur’s debut album, Aller-Retour is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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Find Bon Entendeur’s playlist below and HERE.

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