Platinum award winning DJ and producer, Cutmore, has already achieved multiple US Billboard and UK Club Chart Number 1s. His remixes regularly feature on major UK radio stations and recently gained support from Grammy Award-winning Diplo. Fashion brands are also proud followers of Cutmore’s work including Louis Vuitton, who flew him over to Shanghai to DJ at their closing party for the iconic Series 1 collection.

He has produced for some of the world’s biggest vocalists, including Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake. Big vocals for Cutmore are what makes a track and pushes it to the next level.  After all, hasn’t everyone screeched out those high notes in unison on the dance floor?  It’s what brings people together. Here are Cutmore’s Top Ten BVTs (Big Vocal Tracks).

1. Robin S – ‘Show Me Love’

“Everyone has heard this track, if you haven’t, where have you been hiding?  From the moment it drops you’re hooked.  For me it’s the organ bass line melody that really keeps it driving, and mixed with her ‘anthemic’ vocal its easily a winner! Even though it’s one of the biggest club tracks of all time it still sounds modern. I’ll still be sent 100s of remixes of this every year, but you just can’t beat the classic Stonebridge remix.”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – ‘Heads Will Roll ( A-Trak Remix)’

“This is a huge crowd pleaser! A-Trak really turned this remix out in terms of the totally analogue sound used, which is then matched to a raw vocal. Once it drops and those synth stabs come in there is always a big cheer of excitement from the crowd!”

3. Justice VS Simian – ‘We Are Your Friends’

“The production of this is pretty basic in itself and once again the overall sound is very analogue and raw. But there’s just something really special about this vocal that instantly brings a smile to your face.  Just the acapella alone almost feels like a football chant which is why I think it has stood the test of time so far.”

4. Years & Years – ‘King (Lenno Remix)’

“The original is such a feel good track but Lenno really takes this mix to another level. From the start of the vocal he really knows how to build everything up, and then once the chorus is out the way, and the drop hits, the crowd is ready to go.”

5. Sia – ‘Chandelier (Cutmore Remix)’

“Probably one of my biggest remixes from last year and one of my favourite artists too. Such a talented songwriter and vocalist. When constructing this mix I really wanted to throw back to a lot of the 90s club classics, but also have an element of current deep house. The tape stop effect with the vocal in each drop gives it a great hook in itself, but her powerful vocal really helped carry this to the anthem it became in 2015.”

6. Martin Solveig – ‘Intoxicated’

“Not just a catchy vocal but a nice bass line to boot! As soon as the intro finishes and it all breaks down to that one cowbell sound everyone knows what’s coming next, this for me was the first track to really please both the deep house and EDM crowds, and from there commercially found a medium.”

7. Armand Van Helden – ‘You Don’t Know Me’

“Another club classic with an epic sample. Those strings are what really makes this for me, and the way Armand has given them a more vintage vibe – it’s almost eerie.  Duane Harden‘s vocal is stunning on this too, putting them both together was the perfect hit and still rocks the floors today.”

8. Aly Us – ‘Follow Me (Full Intention Remix)’

“For me, the Full Intention mix just gives it that extra push.  I love the way they stayed very true to the original, however the extra beats really do push it forward more.”

9. Jess Glynne – ‘Hold My Hand (Le Youth Remix)’

“Love Jess’s vocal, she is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment and the way the track builds from that simple piano chord in the beginning is perfect. Le Youth’s mix brings about an instant happiness.  I love the way they play with Jess’s vocal in the drop to give it an alternative vibe.”

10. Florence and The Machine – ‘You Got The Love (Esquire VS Offbeat Remix)’

“Florence really turned this one out. Whack this Esquire and Offbeat mix on top and you are onto a winnerI’m always a sucker for a good piano and Esquire definitely doesn’t disappoint with this. Right from the breakdown it is not just the riff itself but certain percussion elements throughout which really help build the vocal. Then once it reaches the drop the kick drum punches out the rest of the melody to give it that ‘hands in the air’ effect.”

Cutmore plays Heaven nightclub in London every Saturday. You can buy tickets to his forthcoming gig: Candy POP, LGBT Music Festival in Dublin, Ireland here and listen to more of Cutmore’s work at