Portuguese disco-funk artist, Da Chick, has just followed up ‘conversations/watch me go’ with new single ‘do your thang’, which continues to take us with her on the process of discovering a new identity, where the mirror ball is left behind.

‘do your thang’ is the third song to be taken from her upcoming album, conversations with the beat; Da Chick first full length album since 2015’s Chick To Chick, set for release on February 28th next year via Discotexas.

“I was laying down in my bed on a random afternoon, questioning my life, my routine, and why was I taking so much time thinking about it instead of doing something. So, I literally stood up and start singing “you gotta do your thang… so get up!” It’s an intervention song to myself, it’s my inner motivation voice that sometimes yells at me and keeps me active. It’s a song about how important it is to just do you, try you,” she explains.

As for her playlist, “Lately I’ve been trying to collect and share only good vibes. It’s f* hard, but these songs help me stay positive and influence people around me. Become a better self, pushing my limits, experience weird and uncomfortable situations and get out of there stronger than ever and thankful.”

1. Otis Redding – ‘Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay’

“Sittin’ on the dock of bay, gettiin highhhh. It’s a song about doing nothing really… and it feels good sometimes.”

2. Jamiroquai – ‘If I Like It, I Do It’

“Literally my life anthem.”

3. Stevie Wonder – ‘Part-Time Lover’

“Stevie is joy and sensibility. We need him in our lives.”

4. ESG – ‘Moody’

“Grrrl power that makes me imagine I’m walking around in Brooklyn.. listening to this full album. It’s a deja vu…”

5. Boytoy – ‘Mary Anne’

“Met Boytoy at SXSW and this one reminds me of those magical days in Austin. Austin is a magical city that makes you feel good and free.”

6. Allah-Las – ‘Catamaran’

“It’s like a surf day.”

7. Dorothy Ashby – ‘Games’

“Dorothy harp moves it’s the kind of jam I put on to cleanse my house.”

8. William DeVaughn – ‘Be Thankful For What You Got (Disco Mix)’

“The original version is unbeatable, but I felt like this is what you need right now.”

9. Larry Heard – ‘Summertime Breeze’

“It’s the kind of breeze I want for the rest of my life.”

10. Grover Washington , Jr. – ‘Mister Magic’

“To be honest it showed up on my YouTube suggestions and it feels like the perfect end to this story. I hope I got you high.”

Da Chick’s latest single ‘do your thang’ is out now via Discotexas. Listen to it HERE.

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