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Icelandic experimental-post-punk outfit, Fufanu, hit London’s Kamio this evening, on the second to last date to support their sophomore album – Sports.

Title track ‘Sports‘ was the first single to be released from the new album, followed by the agitated, dark and brooding ‘Bad Rockets’. Produced in Iceland by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this latest LP sees Fufanu return with a palpable sense of urgency and a fresh spin on their dark, new-wave-esq electronic-driven post-punk.

The Reykjavik-based group previously operated as Captain Fufanu, making obscure techno music and bewildering audiences, but lead singer Kaktus’ brief stint living in London and working with Damon Albarn on his seminal solo album ‘Everyday Robots’ moved the musician to incorporate live instruments and expressive lyrics into his music. Fufanu was re-born – a band with a riotous and guitar-led sound that was oddly born out of electronic beginnings rather than the other way around, as is more common.

Check out their top 10 inspirational live performances (in no particular order).

1. Bo Diddley 1965

“There’s something really badass about this wall of Fender amps and the three girls on the stage there.”

2. The Birthday Party – ‘Junk Yard (Live Gotterdammerung 1982)’

“Really intense performance. Every member of the band seem to be lost in their own world. Nick Cave walking on the stage like a preacher screaming ‘I am a King.’”

3. Pete Drake & His Talking Steel Guitar – ‘Forever’

“Everything about this performance is kind of too perfect to be true. Could be a scene in a David Lynch movie.”

4. Kraftwerk – ‘Radioactivity (French TV 1978)’

“They stand there almost still the whole time and still look way better than anybody else.”

5. Suicide – ‘Ghost Rider’

“Without these guys, we wouldn’t have any good bands today. RIP Alan Vega.”

6. Iggy Pop & The Stooges – ‘TVEye 1970 (Cininnati Pop Festival)’

“Iggy goes totally crazy in that one, jumps into the crowd and ends up standing on the crowd.”

7. Tangerine Dream at Coventry Cathedral

“Tangerine dream playing with bunch of synths in a huge cathedral is a real epic shit.”

8. Kraftwerk – @Ruckzuck (Live on WDR TV in 1970)’

“The German hippies seem bit more interesting than the American ones.”

9. Psychic TV – ‘Just Like Arcadia’

“Looks like a great party with loads of smiley faces and naked people on the stage.”

10. The Monks – ‘Oh, How to Do Now’

“These guys used to be in the US army in Germany and formed The Monks. This performance shows that they were truly one of the most interesting bands of the ‘60s.”

Catch Fufanu live in East London this eve at Kamio, or at Brighton’s Green Door Store this Thursday.

Sports is out now via One Little Indian and available to buy or stream HERE.

Fufanu - Sports

Remaining Tour Dates

22 – Kamio, London
23 – Green Door Store, Brighton