Rising soul-pop, singer-songwriter Gabriela Eva, recently followed up her self-released, 2018 debut EP RISE UP and standout single ‘Sailing Over The City’ with new track, ‘HEY!’ – a seriously catchy and sophisticated jazz-soul track with folk influences.

“I wrote ‘HEY!’ in my mums living room, sitting on a snug rug by the fire in Colchester… I always write easily at home. The chord progression came first, I’ve been writing on my electric guitar for a few years now and love the process. It’s one of those songs that just feels so good to play live and is easy to relate too. I took it to Riverfish Music and Joe and I brought it to life. I’m glad to have a sick bass line of his on there. Working with Joe in the studio is a dream, you can see the sea from the studio and breath in the fresh air… Joe did an alternative mix, which is just pure vibes and inspired by Frankie Knuckles, I can’t wait to see people dancing to it.”  

As for her playlist: “I’d like to say, this was one of the hardest things to choose ever! And I cut my list down from 20 to 10. I love film so much and use it as inspiration for music videos.”

1. Jefferson Airplane – ‘White Rabbit’ / Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

“Legendary tune and moves me every time. Classic songs with classic movies, I love the animation in this too. I discovered this track ‘White Rabbit’ in my haze days, it brings back exciting feelings for me…does it for you? I also call my guitar player ‘My Attorney’ – as his name is ‘Gonzo’ too :)”

2. The Coasters – ‘Down In Mexico’ / Death Proof

“Check out the album, it’s great RnB & Rock n Roll – Enter The Past With The Coasters. Billy guy and his standout baritone voice is like nothing you have ever heard before! A sexy scene that I love watching in Death Proof and I also dance to this track in my spare time… haha, it’s an iconic scene. She’s curvy, not the average girl you see flaunting her peachiness and that also makes me feel sexy… Curves Ruuuullleeeee.”

3. April March – ‘Chick Habit’ / Death Proof

“The lyrics in this track are so perfect for this film, one would think that April wrote it for Quentin.  I adore this track so much; I play it with my band live.”

4. Tito & Tarantula – ‘After Dark’ / From Dusk Till Dawn

“An effortless goddess, sultrily moves towards Tino and sticks her foot in his mouth, while pouring a beer down her leg into his mouth. Not long after this dance scene, towards the end of the film, all of a sudden and randomly, people turn into vampires and it becomes a feeding frenzy… why the hell not? Tremolo twanged guitar over a cool down tempo beat so ‘60s thanks Tito & Tarantula <3”

5. Robert Rodriguez – ‘Grindhouse (Main Titles)’ / Planet Terror

“My god, do you have my attention Robert Rodriguez! I love the gold tassels on the belt swaying around her hips; I’d totally wear it to a festival. I remember this film in my teens, discovering it felt like I’d found gold and I’m a total freak for this film. This scene of Cherry dancing to this screaming tenor Saxophone and guitar riff just revs you up for the film, what an emotional opening! Here she’s showing off her body, as later on in the film she has her leg replaced with a gun. It’s ridiculous, outrageous and gory and that’s why I love it.”

6. The Rolling Stones – ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ / Blow

“There’s something exhilarating about ‘true stories’ especially drug stories and accomplishing to break the law… well and in style. It’s cool we can get a kick watching it instead of doing it, while bopping our heads to the Stones. This film found me at a time in my life when I was also in party mode, if you know what I mean. I haven’t seen this film in a while, but it makes me want to go to LA (I hope to have a showcase there next year, so keep an eye out). Loads of classic tunes in this film along with ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash and ‘Cocaine’ by Eric Clapton.”

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones (et al) – ‘Cell Block Tango’ / Chicago

“The modern Musical… the darkness and two faces of these fierce females. These women love the attention of fame and to get there they frame their husbands as the killers, and it just hooks you into the story. Theatre has played a big part in my life, from shows in mum’s living room to shows in the West End, and this song has such a vibe, I decided to create a pop jazz version for my live set.”

8. Buck Woods – ‘Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby’ / Tom & Jerry (1946)

“I was between 6-8 years old and this was my first VHS box set I had as a kid, and I’d watch it on repeat… did you? Tom & Jerry taught me how to wind up my sister, that’s an excuse, actually it came naturally and yes, I’m the girl who’s always late (lyric in the song). After some research I found Louis Jordan‘s cover… or original, not sure but I know I prefer his version.”

9. Stealers Wheels – ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ / Reservoir Dogs

“I love the dark humour in this classic scene, torturing while dancing to a classic… how I like to spend my weekends… (joke). It really makes a difference when you have a great soundtrack to a great film. Totally makes it for me.”

10. Lissette Christine – ‘Why Don’t You Do Right (Jessica Rabbit Version)’ / The Real Jessica Rabbit

“Yes, its true we can fancy cartoons, and that’s okay. I also perform this cover as I love the old school jazz vibes. It’s quite a sexist song nowadays but still fun to sing. Loony Toons is one of the most mental storylines ever for a film, when the bad guy melts at the end it still haunts me.”

‘HEY!’ is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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