Oslo based Icelandic alt-pop act, and world-renowned tattoo artist, Gunnar The Fifth, recently pre-empted the release of their debut EP with a new video for ‘Beauty In The Downfall’ – a seamlessly minimalistic effort, featuring lo-fi beats, immersive percussion and ethereal vocals, filmed on location in New York City. 

“The video was shot in Manhattan over the summer and was filmed and edited by myself,” says Gunnar, “except in the scenes where I sing. It also features two tattoo artists from Lithuania who have worked in the tattoo industry with me. The story behind the video can mean a lot of different things and we prefer if people watch it to see what meaning they put behind it.”

On that note, check out their Top 10 tracks to listen to while getting a tattoo.

1. Moderat – ‘Rusty Nails’

“There is something about this beat and how it works with the vocal melody. Some kind of magic. I love it. I listened to this beat a lot and dissected it while making some of my new tracks.”

2. Manchester Orchestra – ‘The Silence’

“I just love how relaxing this video is. The song however is full of emotion and is just so beautiful. Right up my alley with melancholic lyrics and has inspired some of my songs.”

3. Apparat – ‘Caronte’

“Here are some very interesting visuals to this amazing song. The vocoder is a very popular thing now but sometimes I feel like it is used where it is not suitable or necessary. I feel like this song is perfect when it comes to that.”

4. Apparat – ‘Goodbye!’

“If you haven’t seen the German show, Dark on Netflix then you are missing out. This song brings chills every time. I have wondered for a long time if it is written for the show or not. I don’t think it is, but the lyrics are just so perfect for a time travel drama.”

5. Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Steal Something’

“This is a new song by BMTH and it is just so eerie and beautiful at the same time. I love how it is not structured like a normal song. It is long and has a very gradual build up. The repetitive melody is so catchy (later in the song).

6. Asgeir – ‘Lifandi Vatnid’

“This live version of the song is so much more beautiful than the album version. I wrote ‘Wither And Die’ and it was a privilege to write with him. We are both from Iceland and he is someone I have looked up to in terms of writing songs for a long time.”

7. Vök – ‘In The Dark’

“A new song from the amazing Icelandic band, Vök. She produced our song ‘Beauty In The Downfall’ and put her amazing touch on it. One of the most beautiful female voices in pop now.”

8. Radiohead – ‘All I Need’

“This is my favourite Radiohead song and just so beautiful. His soft voice has been an inspiration for me. From him I learned you don’t always have to sing full volume.”

9. Ben Howard – ‘End Of The Affair’

“An amazing performance of this amazing song. Sends chills down my spine when he starts singing into the guitar.”

10. Nils Frahm – ‘Re’

“Since I started playing the piano I often look to Nils and his amazing playing. Such an inspiration. Check out some of his more electronic stuff as well. So amazing!”

Gunnar the Fifth’s ‘Beauty In The Downfall’ is out now. Watch the video HERE.

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