London based Synth-pop singer-songwriter, I Am Boleyn, released her latest single ‘Limit Of Love’ just last month. “‘Limit Of Love’ is about the secrets that we all keep, the dark feelings or guilt that we hold very close but one day have to show someone to really love them and let them love us,” explains the artist, who’s influenced by Robyn, Mo, Goldfrapp and MS MR, and spends her time shuttling between London and Stockholm, where she works with Swedish based music production collective FMLY STHLM.

“What is the Limit of Love? What could we find out about someone, or reveal about ourselves what would push those limits too far? In the end the honesty of sharing our real selves is liberating and leads to a deeper connection.”

As for her playlist: “Sunday night blues can be hard to deal with. You need something uplifting but also not too upbeat. Something hopeful and soulful. These are some of my favourite mitigators.”

1. Bicep – ‘Glue’

“My friend James introduced me to Bicep. I love this chill but intoxicating tune. The video is a haunting celebration of modern Britain.”

2. The Verve – ‘Lucky Man’

“This album has so many great songs, Richard Ashcroft is a genius, but what I love about this is the theme of thanks. There are so many songs about pain and suffering and very few that are grateful.”

3. The National – ‘I Need My Girl’

“The guitar riff at the beginning of the song alone is enough. I could listen to that for three minutes, and then… the lyrics, it’s such a touching love song.”

4. Highasakite – ‘Since Last Wednesday’

“I love this band. I love the dramatic drums on this track and the story telling – you are so intrigued – Who is this man? What has he done? Where has he been since last Wednesday?”

5. Sia – ‘Breathe Me’

“Ok… this one is pretty depressing for a Sunday – but it is so achingly beautiful. It builds so tenderly and you hear all of Sia’s longing in her fragile vocals. It is worth the pain.

6. Tycho – ‘Awake’

“Perfect, uplifting techno beats. Rhythmic and melodic. Delicious.”

7. Transviolet – ‘Hamptons’ 

“There are so many great songs from this band. I think they really excel with their lyrics. This song is an excellent, and at times creepy, exploration of opulence.”

8. Nick Mulvey – ‘Fever To The Form’

“I think this is one of my favourite songs of all time. It splits something open in the universe – I feel timeless listening to it – like it is sharing ancient wisdom.”

9. Michael Kiwanuka – ‘Love & Hate’

“The majestic, all encompassing ‘Love & Hate’ – his voice! The production! I love Michael.”

10. Hans Zimmer – ‘Time’

“To finally rouse yourself from your Sunday self-pity: Time from Inception. Euphoric.”

Catch I Am Boleyn live at Laylow on 14th May. ‘Limit of Love’ is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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