Creative Copenhagen: Loise Floor Rasmussen, Artist

“I grew up on a farm before I moved to Copenhagen in 2004 and went to study photography,” states artist, Loise Floor Rasmussen, who has been living in the Danish capital for 15 years; aside from the two (wild) years that she resided in London (2006-2007).

“I was talking to animals when I was little, singing and walking around the fields dreaming about being an actress. But I was incredibly shy when other people were around. Soon I discovered the magic of drawing. I could use my imagination and get it out on paper, and comfortably hide in my own world. I just started drawing everything like shoes, things in the garden, horses, everyone from East 17, Kurt Cobain, clothes I wanted, sunsets etc.”

“At the moment I am working on a mix of photography, paint and collage. I am experimenting with the forms of body, face and mind.”

“When I got a bit older I went to art classes in the evenings at the local youth club. This place was amazing. I had the most inspiring teacher, Charlotte Pop. She was so passionate. All the time we had guest teachers, who Charlotte knew. Mostly they were graffiti artists. I fell in love with them and their skills. Well this was when I started painting onto canvas. I was always interested in the body and how it carries your head, and how the face has these deep strange and beautiful eyes. How to paint or draw an expression. You know… whats going on behind the eyes. How you can show it and how you can hide it or pretend.”

After high school, Loise went to Copenhagen to study photography and finally moved there at the age of 21. “I failed to finish the photography studies and began in another school to study painting, drawing and bookbinding. In the painting class I had another amazing teacher, who himself was an artist. His name was Jens Frank.

“At the end of the class we had to make two big paintings for an exhibition at the school. I made two big paintings. In one of the paintings I painted two women, one in the front with a strong and calm expression and one in the background with a worried and frustrated expression. My teacher flipped out when he saw the woman in front, and told me that I had painted his mother! The next day he brought a picture of his mother from when she was young, and it looked exactly like her. Well that was wild. It kind of connected me with something bigger than just my own body. I cant really explain how. It was weird.”

‘Something Up In The Face’ by Loise Floor Rasmussen

“Time went by, and I had an urge to leave where I came from. In the summer of 2006 I moved to London. I lived there for two years and did a whole lot of partying. The world of alcohol and drugs hit me.” She returned to Copenhagen two years later, “broke and confused about my life. But I had taken up photography again, and started studying again in a production school for photography and film. I finished it. Not long after that I got pregnant with my daughter Anna Lou. A beautiful change in my life, having her. She is an honest little art critic with a pure heart and mind.”

Much to her own surprise, Loise began studying at the hairdressing school of Copenhagen in 2012, where she stayed for four years. “At this time I guess I thought that I had to have some sort of education that I could always fall back on. It was never my dream to become a hairdresser. I did it for safety. I discovered how creative a job it was and how you can make hair into art, but eventually I got stuck in long hours, injuries and no time together with Anna. It just made me unhappy. I started working part-time, started maths studies and finished them to apply for psychology at the university. I did not get in. In the meantime I also worked at my atelier in Christianshavn; worked on small shows for my art, and developed as an artist.”

Illustrations for Alt det et suk ikke fortæller by Loise Floor Rasmussen

“I illustrated for a poetry collection called Alt det et suk ikke fortæller (‘all that I sigh doesn’t tell’) written by Burcu Ebru Habibi. This illustrator job was challenging, but a beautiful experience. The poems are about assault’s in the childhood, then the longing for living life to the fullest and to love as a grown woman. I will highly recommend everyone to read this poetry collection, because it’s extremely honest and bravely written. The importance of being honest and brave coming forward with having experienced sexual abuse in childhood is enormous.”

When asked who else she admires in the art world, Loise recommends three other artists: Peter Viskinde, who has an open house in Århus with his paintings on 26 May 2019, Anders Svava and Jakob Steen.

Loise recently created artwork for an exhibition at The Package – “A really cool basement gallery in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.” – alongside artists, Anna Valgreen and Halfdan Pisket, and at the moment she’s working on a mix of photography, paint and collage. “I am experimenting with the forms of body, face and mind.”

Follow Loise on Instagram to see more of her work, at @lloiselloisedrawings

Je t’aime

Loise Floor Rasmussen’s Top 5 Copenhagen

To Eat: Je t’aime – amazing french food; Falafel Factory – delicious veggie and vegan food! Gaza Grill – Arabic and organic

To Drink: Je t’aime – again! Great wine!! Café Intime – a beautiful little jazz bar; Klint og bro – kombucha and beer

To Relax: Mokkariet – cosy and beautiful place to drink coffee. I come here all the time!

To Shop: Knigge Vintage (online shop coming soon) – this shop is so fucking cool! And she has got the most beautiful and special picked out vintage clothes

Main Image/Portrait: Anna Viskinde

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