J.Müller is a philosopher, poet, musician, dancer and DJ born in Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to Dorset, England at the age of 10 and now spends her time between Cape Town and London. Her first solo release ‘I Surrender i’ is out now – listen HERE.

“‘I Surrender i’ is about the process of waking up and realising that the world is not as it seems and that there is another way to perceive, and experience life on earth. When it first hits, it’s real confusing and uncomfortable, you start to feel all sorts of things and everything starts to change within your body and mind. For me, it was really about letting go of the control that you think that you have because I realised that whenever I tried to control the changes that were happening, it didn’t work. So it was really a process of surrendering to this discomfort and to this uncertainty and allowing the energy to flow and change your perception of who you are – the ‘i’ that you once related to.”

As for her playlist, “OK I love dancing, I think it is a very liberating experience for everyone and I love watching people dancing too. It’s so joyful, and silly, and it can also be really funny. I think it’s such an inexplicable phenomenon and it is definitely when I personally feel the most free, it’s so expressive. It’s like I get taken into another zone and it feels like I’m flying and not in control of my body. Freedom is something that is important to me too. I believe that everyone can dance and we all should express ourselves more in whatever way we can and dancing is one them. So what are the top ten songs to dance your heart out to when nobody is watching (or even when they are watching!)?”

1. N.E.R.D – ‘She Wants To Move’

“This song has been my favourite song since I was 16. I remember when it came out and I actually just could not stop dancing every time I heard it but I would go wild, like wild. Ha ha and everyone knew back then that was my track, like ‘OK, here she goes again!’ I remember one of my friends saying to me a few years later, that song is old why is it still your favourite? And yeah Pharrell and N.E.R.D – pure geniuses in my eyes and heart.”

2. Michael Jackson – ‘In The Closet’

“I love MJ a lot and I can’t say that I have a favourite track of his but this is definitely up there…and what a king on the dance floor! I remember my younger brother taught me how to moonwalk when I was around 15, and yeah been moonwalking my way through life ever since.”

3. Tupac – ‘Can’t C Me’

“When I was younger I used to be extremely shy and I remember when I ‘learnt’ how to dance (which probably means something more like, learnt how to be free). I recorded a clip of myself dancing to this song on my Sony Ericsson mobile phone and my family were like ‘yo where did you get those moves!?’ Ha ha big fan of Tupac.”

4. Britney Spears – ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’

“I have been a Britney fan ever since she came onto the scene and I still am to be honest. If Britney doesn’t get you to move like nobody is watching, then I am not sure what will.”

5. Usher – ‘I Don’t Know’

“Usher was my first ever live show that I went to. I remember watching his dancers on stage and thinking ‘I want to do that!’ He has so many bangers and this is one of my faves. Let’s dance P.Diddy, Pharrell, Usher eat your heart out on the dancefloor.”

6. Janet Jackson – ‘When I Think Of You’

“Such positivity in this tune and I’m a big fan of Janet Jackson. Again how can you not want to move to this, there I’m already going.”

7.Adele – ‘Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)’

“This song just makes me feel so much, I discovered it when I was at university and it gives me that feeling of freedom and feeling like I’m ready to take over the world mwahaha.”

8. Jamiroquai – ‘Space Cowboy (Classic Club Remix)’

“I actually only discovered this song recently and wow, what a mover. Such vibes to dance your heart out to. If you’re not dancing already then maybe you should check yourself.”

9. Prince – ‘Sexy M.F.’

“What is a dance playlist without the Prince? If you want to learn how to express yourself through movement, who better to catch inspiration from? I remember discovering this track in my favourite underground club in London and I was like woah, what is this funky business and I could not stop moving.”

10. Aaliyah – ‘Choosey Lover’

“OK, yeah this one is a bit slow, but what is a boogie without the slow jam. It had to be done, such a sexy song. Praise Aaliyah.”

J.Müller’s latest single ‘I Surrender i’ is out now.

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