Multi-faceted Melbourne producer, Juno Mamba (aka Vinci Andanar) recently shared ‘Slow Light’ from his captivating debut EP, Light Echoes – an atmospheric and cerebral EP that was inspired by time, place and emotion. Aptly titled, a ‘light echo’ is an astronomical phenomenon that relates to delayed reflections of light that can allow us to see into the past. Juno Mamba plays with this concept and the big questions it poses, both universally and individually,

“’Slow Light’ was the second track I wrote. I was digging through old sessions and found a bass progression I recorded a year before using a Moog Sub 37. This became the starting point of the song and used in the final version you hear now… I was obsessively watching Interstellar and I think it subconsciously informed the sound design process. If I listen to the intro now, I imagine the scene when Murph is emotionally running after her dad as he drives off for the last time before his voyage into space.

“The process of creating Light Echoes ended up being a journey of self-discovery. Trying to get an understanding of the world; past, present and future, and how I see myself fitting within it has always been a constant struggle. How can I contribute positively to this world in what I do, and inevitably leave behind?”

As for his playlist for FMS: “I moved to Australia in 1994 and growing up here wasn’t always smooth sailing but I managed to find comfort in music. Some of my favourite artists are Australian and I wanted to share their music.”

1. Powderfinger – ‘These Days’

“I remember I was still in primary school and I was at a friend’s house who was in the year above me. He showed me his CD collection and he played this song, which immediately captivated me. This was one of the coolest experiences as a kid, hanging out with someone older than me and showing me his music collection.”

2. Silverchair – ‘Emotion Sickness’

“Silverchair were my favourite band growing up and they inspired me to make music. They seemed to always push themselves with each record and create something different every time. ‘Emotion Sickness’ is dark, heavy, raw, emotional and grand.”

3. Lo-Tel – ‘Teenager Of The Year’

“This track screams nostalgia and is always something I try to achieve with my music. Music that can transport you back to the past is special.” 

4. Trial Kennedy – ‘Neighbours’

“When I started writing music in high school, I listened to a lot of Trial Kennedy. Their guitarist was a big inspiration and I wanted to play just like him. This song felt like an evolution in their songwriting and I was instantly drawn to the ‘90s Brit Rock-esque wall of guitars.”

5. Van She – ‘Changes’

“I’d always listened to rock, punk and emo music growing up but when I finished high school, I started listening more to indie electro bands and this track was one of my favourites. It’s almost in parallel to Lo-Tel’s ‘Teenager Of The Year’. It has a lot of nostalgic qualities that I love in music.”

6. Empire Of The Sun – ‘Half Mast’

“Their music blew me away when I first heard it. I’d never come across anything quite like it and it was sonically beautiful. There are so many familiarities in this track but enough modern production and seasoning to push it into the unknown.”

7. The Presets – ‘This Boy’s In Love’

“They were the first act that inspired me to create electronic music. For me their sound had a lot of punk elements, which is probably why I was so inspired by it. They manage to combine dark tones, emotion and euphoria effortlessly and this song has all those characteristics.”

8. Jonathan Boulet – ‘A Community Service Announcement’

“Music has the power to connect people together all over the world in ways we can’t often explain. This song feels like the ultimate ‘gathering’ song. It has a tribal and primitive sound to it, which is probably why I imagine people gathering and celebrating.”

9. Cut Copy – ‘Take Me Over’

“For me there’s nothing more Australian than Cut Copy, especially this song. It makes me happy every time I hear it.”

10. Tame Impala – ‘Be Above It’

Kevin Parker’s songwriting and production abilities is incredible. Hearing his music evolve over the past decade is truly inspiring and I’ve loved listening to all of it; it’s also taught me a lot about music production. This track is mind bending and the perfect opener.”

Juno Mamba’s debut EP Light Echoes is out now. Watch his performance of ‘Slow Light’ HERE.

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