Linda Buratto is front face, guitarist and general noisemaker of London rock trio, Echo Boom Generation.

“Take some classic rock, mix it up with a full-load of energy and a 2016-edge and you’ll get more or less what the band is about. My Top 10 is what I listen to every time I have to walk into an important meeting or a room full of people where I have to kick some serious ass. Trust each one of these songs to pump you up for reals and make you feel like you own the place.”

All the feels. Check it out.

1. Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

2. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

3. The Kills – Future Starts Slow

4. Bones – Pretty Waste

5. Chumbawamba –  Tubthumbing

6. Queen – We Will Rock You

7. Kate Nash – Death Proof

8. FIDLAR – Cheap Beer

9. Alanis Morissette – All I Really Want

10. The Lion King – Circle of Life

Check out Echo Boom Generation on the links below, and find their latest single, ‘The Voice‘, on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify!

Echo Boom Generation - The Voice