We’re loving the upcoming EP by Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans, who are are set to release their debut single, ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’, this Friday, January 8th.

The single also serves as the opener for their self-titled debut EP, due out on the 22nd. Meanwhile, transfix yourself on the dance moves of Jean, played by Emma-Jane Hinds, who takes us from her bedroom to the streets, as she choreographs her ballet moves.

The Philly girl gang – blatant denim lovers, self-described as “a never ending sleepover with slapstick fighting to boot” – manage to exude the chilled sounds of the 60s, while sounding both ethereal and contemporary. Maybe its the languidly feminine and breezy vocals that are borderline shoegaze in their delivery, taking us on a search and discovery for the meaning of it all.

‘Pup’ and ‘Won’t You’ could easily fall into one another, if it were not for the grungy ‘Rollerdyke’ keeping them apart with its racing tempo, crashing cymbals and frantic hand-clapping.

The achingly delicious ‘Moody’ leads into the equally beautiful ‘Waffles & Mad Men’, perhaps the most interestingly layered of them all, ending the record with a slow beating drum that leaves you lost and returning to the beginning.

Queen of Jeans are Miriam Devora (rhythm guitar/lead vox), Matheson Glass (lead guitar/backing vox), Nina Scotto (bass /backing vox) and Patrick Wall (drums).

‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ is released on ultra-limited hand cut square vinyl, backed with a cover of the The Bangles ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’, on January 8th via Super Fan 99.

Self-titled six track EP, Queen of Jeans, is released on limited silver mirror cassette with art by Steve Arnold, via Super Fan 99 and Third Uncle Records (US). The first 20 copies come complete with hand written thank you notes from the band and include a free CD copy.


Words: Sarah Hardy
Photo: Kelly Kurteson