Enigmatic Australian artis, Love Deluxe released his Fata Morgana EP via Soothsayer just last week; the follow-up to lead single ‘Campari & Coke’.

“Since starting this project, I’ve always wanted to dedicate a song to my favourite drink, and when writing Campari in the studio, it came together much the same as the song’s namesake. A few simple elements, mixed just right and voilà, you’re transported somewhere else in a heady daze. Like the drink, the song so a little kooky, a little bitter and a lot of fun. Drink it in.”

As for his playlist: “Sunrise is a special time of day. A new day and all that jazz. In saying that, people experience a sunrise in many different ways. From waking up in a warm bed (or on a warm beach), commuting to or from work, taking a morning walk through a local park or be travelling home from a long night out. Sometimes, all of these people meet at an intersection and the planets collide in a colourful way… I’ve compiled 10 songs that I think would be appropriate to play at sunrise for all of these different situations.”

1. Azymuth – ‘Vôo Sobre o Horizonte’

“From the first few guitar notes, you know that this is definitely one for those slow Sunday mornings. Slight Balearic, slightly funky… real breakfast music. Can’t go wrong with Azymuth.”

2. Luc Léandry – ‘Another Day In Paradise’

“I became obsessed with this zouk cover of the Phil Collins classic after hearing it in a CC:DISCO! mix. I love that it’s familiar but has all these amazing ‘tropical’ sounds that the original obviously doesn’t have. If I was playing a 6am to 8am DJ set on a beach in Ibiza, this would be an appropriate track to open with. (s/o to all the Ibiza bookers out there.)”

3. Tony Ansell – ‘Softly As In A Morning Sunrise’

“A really cool Australian cover of a Jazz standard, this one with a distinctively laid back Jazz-funk feel (ala Bob James). Appropriately titled as it starts off quite slowly and softly but then explodes into this frantic synthesizer solo, complete with orchestral accompaniment. Also, there’s definitely some samples waiting for fellow producers here, if it hasn’t been done so already.”

4. Renee Geyer – ‘Be There In The Morning’

“Another Australian song, this time an original by a really underrated singer, Renee Geyer. This version is the original recorded in Sydney in 1976. It’s very smooth and has this ‘flavour’ that the 1977 version featured on her album, Moving Along doesn’t have. It’s hard to explain, but it sounds a bit more lo-fi, a bit moodier, and has this great flute played throughout.”

5. John Forde – ‘Stardance’

“A slowed down, funky tune with some dreamy synths and vocals. I feel this would be a great track to wake up to.”

6. Rydm Sectors – ‘The Sun (Adriatic Mix)’

“This just sounds ‘classic’ to me. I can’t believe it’s only from last year. Nice shimmery synths and percussion. It would be perfect for the transition from night to daylight during an outdoors set.”

7. Taeko Ohnuki – ‘くすりをたくさん’

“Summer morning vibes! Incredible track from this sought-after album. I can’t help but smile when listening to it. It also features a stack of amazing Japanese musicians including Tatsuro Yamashita, as well as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haroumi Hosono pre-YMO.”

8. Nelson Family – ‘Gimme Love’

“More summer morning vibes! Sounds great listening to it at your house whilst the sun slowly rises over the night before.”

9. Folamour – ‘Christmas Is Only Beautiful In TV Shows’

“Now this song has a bit more of a contemplative quality to it. Would be the perfect soundtrack to a walk or uber home from the club at the crack of dawn. That time when you get caught by the early morning dog walkers when you’re still in last night’s finest. Really simple but beautiful melody. Magnifiqué!”

10. MAW Feat. Louis Salinas ‎– ‘Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (Smooth Out House Mix)’

“Silky smooth Latin-influenced house track that is a little bit jazzier than a typical Masters At Work production. Could definitely work in a club environment, especially as a set closer.”

11. (Bonus Track!) Takuya Matsumoto – ‘Drafting Under The Stars’

“I love the repetition of this one. With lush chords and shuffled rhythms, this track is almost meditative, and it could go on for hours. Could definitely see this accompany an early morning drive down a beachside highway.”

Love Deluxe’s Fata Morgana EP is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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