Baby Bulldog is a one-woman project from LA via New Hampshire, who pens queer love stories told with the everyday lyricism of Courtney Barnett and the scuzzed out pop hooks of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“Baby Bulldog is who I am –  a masculine, butch person making music, writing about women.”

“I wrote ‘Work On Things’ on a day off from tour,” says Baby (aka Steph Barker), who performs all the tracks by herself, from behind her drum kit. “I was home and didn’t wanna leave. It was the first song I wrote as Baby Bulldog because when I finished it everything clicked, I had discovered my sound. It was the beginning of Baby Bulldog. I wrote and produced it in my apt in Silver Lake and the next day I left to continue to tour with Coast Modern. I also really do have a dope down pillow and I love it so much.”

“Weird, horrible relationships” and heady, hazy summer crushes get equal attention on Baby’s upcoming debut EP, due for release this autumn.

In bringing queer narratives to the front, Baby is part of a seismic shift in the pop paradigm. Like contemporary artists, Julien Baker and Pronoun, Baby Bulldog feels absolutely no reason to add to rock and pop’s unhealthy overload of hetero-normative stories, and writes autobiographical tracks about female protagonists without thinking twice.

“A time came to just fucking do it,” she says.

Amen to that.

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