Today sees the release of the body of work which Mountain Bird spent 2019 building on, his brand-new EP DearBrainLetMeSleep, completed with his cinematic new single ‘5 Years’ released via Nettwerk Records.

Having been a long term sufferer of depression, insomnia, and low self-esteem, DearBrainLetMeSleep offers a detailed and honest insight into the life of someone battling with their mental health, “it’s a precise picture of how my brain sounded during that time of my life; no filters” says the artist, aka Adam Öhman.

DearBrainLetMeSleep, with its electronic soundscapes, alluring synth textures and brutally honest lyrics, marks the start of a new chapter for Mountain Bird. Currently in Stockholm and surrounded by a rock-solid new team, Adam is feeling better than ever. With his fearlessness, honesty, and commitment to perfection in DearBrainLetMeSleep, Mountain Bird is a force that will soon be heard everywhere.

As for his playlist: “I often go on night-walks in Stockholm to think of what I’ve been doing the past days and just to get my head straight. So, here’s my my top 10 tracks for melancholic walks in Stockholm.”

1. Rudimental – ‘Something About You’

“I started to fall in love with this video since it’s such a beautiful tribute to mental illness around men and the role of men in modern society. My dream is to be able to find a cinematographer to discuss these kind of themes in videos. I love this track from the bottom of my heart.”

2. Phantogram – ‘Answer’

“This is the most beautiful piano sound in a production of modern time, works for every walk I take.”

3. Sir Sly – ‘Expectations’

“This is everything I want from a production, great synths, beautiful tone in the voice, truly cinematic yet hard beat, I love it.”

4. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Wide Open (feat. Beck)’

“Intense feeling in this one.”

5. Bon Iver – ‘Naeem’

“This track is perfect in every sense.”

6. MISSIO – ‘I See You’

“His voice is amazing, and the overall production is so nice.”

7. Ben Howard – ‘Keep Your Head Up’

“A classic! His voice is also phenomenal, 2019 has been quite hard on me when it comes to my personal life so this track always helps me!”

8. Foals – ‘The Runner’

“I love the mix of rawness, anger and energy in this one, foals are such an amazing band in that sense because the voice is really soft but the instrumentals could be hard! Then the mix is really soft as well so it’s more modern sounding but still classic songs.”

9. Twenty One Pilots – ‘Chlorine’

“Such a late-night feeling in this track, love it.”

10. Jack Garratt – ‘Worry’

“The world’s best song for late night walks <3”

Mountain Bird’s DearBrainLetMeSleep EP is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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