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Tirelessly inventive, psychedelic Dutch trio, MY BABY, released their latest single ‘Sunflower Sutra‘ just last month, with a video inspired by the band’s surrealist psychedelic tribal influences.

The beautifully shot video – part of the Official Selection of the Los Angeles Music Video Festival – was directed by Ayla Spaans and tells a story of primal awareness in three parts – Birth, Ceremony, Rebirth.

The band’s distinctive tribal influences and deep symbolism permeate third album, Prehistoric Rhythm – with their trademark hypnotic drums, shimmering soulful vocals, and psychedelic riffs riding on the back of Rootsy Blues and dubbed-out Funk – and ‘Sunflower Sutra’ is no exception.

“Welcome to the MY BABY Funky Voodoo Journey compiled from a selection of our collection,” says the band, completed by Amsterdam-born frontwoman Cato van Dyck (vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, violin) and brother Joost van Dyck (drums, percussion), and New Zealand-born lead guitarist Daniel “DaFreez” Johnston. Check it out.

1. Dr. John – ‘Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya’

“You could choose the whole album really. Dr. John ‘the Night tripper’s Gris Gris is the opening track and surely is the perfect track to open up a voodoo ceremony. You can hear the sounds of the Louisiana swamp as well as the influence of music from the French colonies, through the use of mandolin, horns and percussion, giving it a feel of music from a different era.

“It takes you back to early 19th century America when voodoo first made its mark on American culture in the Deep South in particular. Do you feel the excitement of going on a journey?”

2. Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra – ‘Kiyomizu-Dera’

“We want to glide softly into our trip so here we should lay back for a little while, close our eyes, focus on our breathing and worship the god(dess) of love. This track helps you enter a different realm in a very gentle way and opens the door to the world of wonder.”

3. Perez Prado – ‘Voodoo Suite’

“Perez Prado wrote this piece for a ‘50s Hollywood movie, for a scene where two talent scouts go to Cuba to find new showbiz talent far deep in the woods. The Horn section will take our trip past a parade of colourful trumpeting mammoths and we are about to get our sensual dance.”

4. Meridian Brothers – ‘Guaracha U.F.O’

“After Mammoths you got to be ready for some Aliens landed in Mexico for a wild party. Bring your legs made of elastic material.”

5. Baby Face Leroy Foster – ‘Rollin’ & Tumblin’’

“An early fifties Chicago blues take on the delta boogie classic. Drummer Leroy is the main vocalist joined by Muddy Waters and Little Walter. The spookiest and wildest blues jam you’ll ever hear. You can really start to feel the feverish.”

6. Blind Willie Johnson – ‘Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground’

“A trip ain’t no trip if you haven’t seen no ghost. This piece of music recorded in 1927 will definitely scare some of us. Blind Willie Johnson’s voice is married with his slide guitar and together they make your sweat cold as the blood from someone buried a long time ago.”

7. Os Tincoãs – ‘Deixa A Gira Girar (J G B Edit)’

“Now we got to get out of the scary part into a weird messed up spirit world… calling out the spirits by dancing on this remix of a Os Tincoãs track. You may now take some time to make friends with your ancestors…”

8. Sly & The Family Stone – ‘I Want To Take You Higher’     

“My Baby’s voodoo trip will take you back to Woodstock 1969, in this trip between half a million likeminded youngsters on acid in the dark of night, from where Sly and his Family Stone appears with his funky colourful keyboard, pink sunglasses and white cape, shouting gospel energy over a King Kong jungle beat.

“If we weren’t dancing yet we will be taken of our feet to jump higher than ever before. In Masai culture most of respect is measured by height of jump. So jump to find yourself back again!”

9. Redbone – ‘13th Hour’

“An epic track from the Native American funk rockers, taken from the 1970 album, Potlatch – It starts out with a riveting chant by drummer, Pete Depoe, amidst full pow-wow ceremony. Use this part to ground yourself with the power of the earth and pray for all lost wars in history not to happen again. Then the hypnotic funk is unleashed to serve as the apotheosis of any tribal get together and dance till the end of time (or an hour longer).”

10. Rokia Traore – ‘Laidu’

“After being born again, its pure heaven to listen to Rokia’s voice, that runs over the Mali desert sand like quicksilver absorbing all the sunshine of thousands of years. Laidu means promise and for the rest I don’t know what the lyrics exactly mean, but I think this track is the best state of mind to make promises at the end of a trip.”

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‘Sunflower Sutra’ is out now via Glitterhouse Records.

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