Responsible for some of the most instantly recognisable club anthems of the ‘90s, N-Trance are the British duo behind the iconic singles ‘Set You Free’ and ‘Forever’. With over 6 million records sold globally, fourteen Top 40 hits and four No 1 hit singles, this pioneering duo took the world by storm with their boundless energy and future-facing sounds.

Made up of producers and performers Kevin O’Toole and Dale Longworth (1990-99), N-Trance began recording their uplifting, disco-tinged take on ‘90s dance music after meeting at university and bonding over a shared affinity for New Order and The KLF. They enjoyed a meteoric rise after their debut single, ‘Set You Free’, took the European dance-pop scene by storm, instantly hitting the No 2 spot in the UK charts and selling over 600,000 copies, making it 1995’s highest-selling dance single.

N-Trance have maintained a consistent presence in global pop music over the past three decades, further developing their sound over the course of three progressive studio albums, while continuing to take their exhilarating live performances across the globe.

As for their playlist: “Hola amigos! As I’m currently sat on a sun lounger with a cold mojito in my hand on holiday in Mexico for the next two weeks, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite poolside and beach songs. Instead of a list of bangers, I’m going to be a bit more chilled out after last night’s shenanigans in Cancun… Anyway, I’ve compiled my Top 10 and I’m now being called back to the pool, so hope the weather’s not too shabby back home…. or do I??? :)  Hasta la vista all!”  –  Dave (N-Trance)

1. 808 State – ‘Pacific State’

“Has everything you want while chilling out on vacation. Mellow but uplifting, it just oozes the sound of the Balearics. We recorded our first demos in the studio in which this track was recorded in (Spirit Studios) and also used to have our studio next to them in ‘Ducie House’ in Manchester in the 90’s.”

2. Masters At Work – ‘To Be In Love feat. India’

“From the instantly recognisable snare and bass line, to India’s vocal and that breakdown. This is musical journey that completes my day at the beach!”

3. Frankie Knuckles – ‘Your Love’

“The Godfather of house. That bass line. Jamie Principle’s whisper. Just perfect.”

4. Massive Attack – ‘Teardrop’

“Look up ‘chill out’ in the dictionary and you’ll find this song. The dreamy vocals and chords are simply beautiful.”

5. Dayton – ‘The Sound Of Music’

“The disco infused drums and vocoder vocal really does sound like sunshine coming through the speaker. Simply love this track.”

6. Moby – ‘Porcelain’

“Although not a massive fan of the vocal, musically it’s quite beautiful. I listen to this one when I’m wanting to drift into a poolside power nap…”

7. The Beach Boys – ‘Good Vibrations’

“No holiday is compete without listening to the Beach Boys. Deriving from an obsession with cosmic energy, this psychedelic ray of sunshine, complete with perfect harmonies and Electro-Theremin, is one of the greatest songs of all time. Period.”

8. I Monster – ‘Daydream In Blue’

“We love to use a good sample every now and again and this track is a great example of turning something old into something new but without losing any of the qualities. Perfect for a lazy day by the pool.”

9. Electric Light Orchestra – ‘Mr Blue Sky’

“This one is to get me motivated into dragging my ass up from the sun lounger or motivating me into getting up out of bed following a heavy night before. A musical journey that reminds me of something Kevin McCallister would dance around the house to if Home Alone had been set in California. And in the summer. 🤦🏻‍♂”

10. Air – ‘La Femme D’Argent’

“Again another perfect example of a sample done right. This time Edwin Starr’s ‘Runnin’ and again this is another one I like to play when I’m in need of a cheeky nap.”

N-Trance’s original DJ, David Dennison, is now available for DJ sets that feature a selection of their finest recordings alongside other uplifting classics from the golden era of electronic music. Book HERE.

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