Ian Brown is living out everyone’s BIG dreams in his brand new video for latest single, ‘From Chaos To Harmony’. Shot at a fairground in Southend-on-Sea, the video features Brown recreated as a Zoltar robot in a fortune teller machine, which grants a wish to a boy at the amusement park, played by British actor Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place, The Night Manager, Suburbicon).

Jupe’s character kicks the Zoltar to life, under the watchful eye of the grumpy fairground owner, played by Daniel Peacock (Quadrophenia, Gandhi, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), before spinning a coin into its mouth. His wish is granted; Zoltar Brown drops the red eye and breaks into song.

Happiness can’t stand alone / Joy, it spreads like fire / Angel trumpets and devil trombones / From chaos to harmony

Loneliness can catch us all / Love can strike like lightnin’ / Angel trumpets and devil trombones…

The screenplay was written and directed by London-based film director John Nolan, whose background in animatronic effects has influenced the ‘80s inspired short film.

‘From Chaos To Harmony’ is the second single to be taken from Brown’s latest album, Ripples – his first solo material in nine years. Released on 1 February, the album is Brown’s highest charting record since 2007, reaching Number 4, and is his joint second highest chart position ever.

The lyrics to the track may throw some light onto this solo comeback:

Dried up roses all turn to stone / Born again, you don’t know you’ve been born / Thinkin’ for myself / With my own brain / Dried up roses all turn to stone / Too much poison to ramble on / Thinkin’ for myself / With my own brain

Days that may / Days all gone / Days just begun / Days still to come

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