Half Irish, half Catalan indie-pop artist Núria Graham released her latest album, Does It Ring A Bell?, just last month, along with a live video for ‘Smile On The Grass’.

Does It Ring A Bell? is a serene album rich in nuances that combines the freshness of somebody in their twenties with the serenity of a person who has already got out everything she needed to on her previous records (First Tracks in 2013, Bird Eyes in 2015 and In The Cave EP in 2016).

Reflections on failed relationships, the peccadillos of youth, odes to uninhibited fun, stories about the boy in the bar and dreams about hospitals all feature; fragments of life told like pieces of a puzzle. Pieces of Núria: who warns you to hide your feelings in a safe place, who admits that she has discovered her worst side, but who also declaims that she is better off without you and that, yes, sometimes she gets exactly what she wants.

Be sure to check it out – our review is HERE – along with Núria’s Top 10 Songs to Move Your Body…

1. Connie Stevens (1970) – ‘Tick Tock’

“Amazing piece of Northern Soul, my partner in the band Artur (keyboarder) is a great fan of soul music from the ’60s and ’70s and he showed me this song one night late at the hotel. I have this amazing image of both of us dancing this amazing tune. The final part with the marks is the best.”

2. Archie Bell & The Drells – ‘Tighten Up – Pt1’

“You hear this tune and you cannot help but get up and dance. The way the instruments start walking in, and Bell introducing them is just pure magic. The real thing. One of the best grooves!”

3. Omara Portuondo – ‘¿Donde Estabas Tu?’

“Cuban Omara Portuanda is specially known from her appearance in Buena Vista Social Club. I always have this song in my head. It’s un-help-able.

4. The Poets Of Rhythm – ‘More Mess On My Thing’

“This would be THE TYPICAL song I cannot skip when I put some music on at a party. If you want people to get up and dance this is VERY, VERY EFFECTIVE and it just brings happiness to your body.”

5. The Hesitations – ‘Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (You Bet It Is)’

“Another amazing piece of soul / R&B by The Hesitations.”

6. Fela Kuti – ‘Water No Get Enemy’

“My favourite Fela Kuti song.  A legend.”

7. Charles Mingus – ‘Moanin’’

“Charles Mingus is one of my favourite composers, I am talking about danceable songs so this would be an amazing Charles Mingus tune to dance at the bar at 3 am.”

8. Idris Muhammad – ‘Turn This Mutha Out’

“A fucking classic. What can I say???????? This whole album is a bible.”

9. Dionne Warwick (Burt Bacharach)- ‘Walk On By’

“I know I am talking about danceable music but: try dancing to this while you’re walking on the street. It just feels great.”

10. Camaron de La Isla – ‘Como El Agua’

“Legendary flamenco vocalist from Spain. I haven’t got a clue of how to dance to this but you put this song at a party and I suppose you can have a good laugh at people trying to dance flamenco. Amazing.”

Núria Graham’s Does It Ring A Bell? is out now via Primavera Sounds in-house label, El Segell.

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