This month saw the release of the latest single by soulful R&B leaning dream pop duo, RKCB. “‘Know Love’ was the first song we wrote in London. We had both been reading a book by Alan Watts which ended up inspiring a lot of our new music. At the heart of it, it’s a song about witnessing, recognizing and accepting change. Lyrically, we just tried to capture a true moment in transition. It’s a very personal song about emotional growth but one we think can translate to many different situations.”

Comprised of LA-based Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, RKCB fuse diverse, modern electronic R&B with avant-garde lyrics. Accomplished producers and songwriters in their own right, they have worked with Tinashe, Julia Michaels, Kacy Hill and have over 100 million Spotify streams to their name alone.

Check out their Top 10 songs that feel like autumn.

1. Pinegrove – ‘Cadmium’

“Pinegrove is one of those bands who do an amazing job at setting an atmosphere with their music. Each lyric is meant to dig at every nostalgic bone in your body. ‘Cadmium’ is the ultimate example of that, and for me is the most visceral song they have. Take a drive through the woods while blasting this song (and album)… you won’t be disappointed.” ~ RK

2. Beatenberg – ‘Rafael’

“Anytime the autumn season is approaching, this song is one of the first things I put on to get me in the spirit. It’s so intelligently written but still comes across and playful and easy to listen to, which is something we strive to do in our music. This song was a massive inspiration for us when it first came out, and has been a muse to a few of our songs.” ~ RK

3. Elephant – ‘Shapeshifter’

“I fell in love with this song the second I heard it. The string arrangement and orchestration are always reminiscent of an autumn afternoon to me. If you like this, take a listen to the whole album. It’s like traveling back in time but in an alternate universe.” ~ RK

4. Sleeping At Last – ‘Homesick’

“If I ever made a movie, this song would definitely get a Sync in it. The ethereal instrumentation along with Ryan O’Neal’s gorgeous vocals make for quite the Fall listening experience. This song comes off of the album Yearbook in which he wrote three songs for every month. Take a guess which month he wrote this one in…” ~ RK

5. Bon Iver – ‘Flume’

“I remember listening to this song/album when it first came out. Being from Arizona, me and some friends wanted to get away and see some nature. We drove up to the nearest forest and drove around listening to this. It’s a perfect song in my opinion, and taught me so much about how simplicity can convey emotion.” ~ RK

6. Photay – ‘Outré Lux’

“Photay is always at the top of my list. This song make me want to watch the leaves fall off the trees in slow motion and welcome a cold wind on my face.” ~ CB

7. Ames – ‘Hold On’

“This song has an undeniable balance of nostalgia and hopefulness. That’s usually how I feel between October and December, so this is perfect for that.” ~ CB

8. Moullinex – ‘Love Love Love’

“This makes me want to go on a walk and smile at everything. I think the fall needs more spill-over happiness that summer gets.” ~ CB

9. Jacob Collier – ‘In My Room’

“This is so warm and lovely and makes me feel like I’m sitting by a fire wherever I am. Gets me right, and ready to put on Charlie Brown Christmas in the near future.” ~ CB

10. Thelonious Monk – ‘I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart’

“This whole album really gets me through the fall/winter… For when I need a break from Vince Guaraldi but want to stay right there in that atmosphere.” ~ CB

‘Know Love’ by RKCB is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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