Montreal producer, Robert Robert, released his How To Save Water EP last autumn. He describes the five-track EP as, “an instruction manual to facilitate water recovery in a life that tends to leak.

“Since a lot of things happened in clubs and in cars with friends that shouldn’t be driving, it translated instrumentally into something sometimes hectic, sometimes very light, sometimes very heavy or into surprises and even very personal texts… And bass. Lots of it.

“The songs talk about what humans say and do, conversations and moments that defined my coming of age, half conscious thoughts about what my entourage is going through and what the universe tells me. My goal with How To Save Water, was to remember that we must not forget to grow as human beings and not only ask ourselves questions, but also find answer. These are all things that I forgot and put aside as I was always out, partying or following streetlights like a moth. This EP is for them, the moths.”

As for his playlist for FMS, “So the place that makes music feel the realest for me is really when I’m in car with people. I feel like being a bunch of people in silence gives a lot of place for the songs to take over. I don’t think music in a car ever feels like background music to me. So I thought the best way to share meaningful music was to share songs I had moments with. In a vehicle. With my seat belt on.”

1. Modeselektor – ‘Kalif Storch’

“I remember this was a night drive. There’s a road in Montreal that crosses the mountain and you can see the whole city. It’s really beautiful. Which, I guess, kinda clashes with this track. But at the same time I feel like this song has so much raw energy it ends up being a pretty crazy feeling.”

2. Frank Ocean – ‘Nights’

“Still on the mountain, there’s a spot, if you know how to get there, right in front of the Saint Joseph Oratory. It’s really beautiful and quiet. Just a big sea of streetlights and an amazing monument. It’s really good to have meaningful talks with people or just to share silence. And I often play this song at this spot cuz I like the way it makes time stop.”

3. The Sundays – ‘Here’s Where The Story Ends’

“I went on a night drive to watch airplanes land in winter with a friend. We wanted to drive around she knew how to get there. I put this song on because, as much as I don’t usually like that kind of stuff, I felt like listening to it. We both ending up both connecting to the song, watching little things land from the sky. Good times.”

4. Desire – ‘Under Your Spell’


5. Requake – ‘Waterdrops VIP’

“This goes back to my teen years of underground parties. I’m not sure I’d say it’s a good song, but I remember really enjoying being six in a five place sedan with this song blasting as loud as the car could go.”

6. The Field – ‘A Paw In My Face’

“This is just the best country highway song.”

7. Mac DeMarco – My Old Man

“I was with a very good friend of mine in a ford expedition coming back from a weekend tour. It was that time of the year when everything is yellow and green and end of summer wind was coming in through the roof. The band I was opening for was sleeping in the back and we were just having a lot of fun and talking about life. Fun times.”

8. Kylie Minogue – ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’

“This is self-explanatory.”

9. Lane 8 – ‘With Me’

“Me and my friends played this song none-stop for months. It makes every moment become movie like. And somehow at 50 km/h the streetlights passing by become on tempo. Emo house just really has something about it that makes it perfect for vrooming around.”

10. King Krule – ‘Dum Surfer’

“Going back home after a night out, this songs prevents people from passing out in your car. It’s a very useful tool especially when it’s 4 and the concept of responsibility was forgotten at home. It’s also an amazing track so win/win right?”

How To Save Water is out now via Nowadays Records. Check out the video for ‘Nobody Breaches Our Stasis’ HERE.

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