French duo, Saavan – aka Lucas Mokrani and Claire Lengaigne – make ‘electronic genre-less music’ and have just dropped their second EP, Observatory, as part of their five-record project between 2019 and 2021, which aims to change people’s view of the world.

“We’ve been asked to list 10 tracks we love and as people who listen to music 24/7 it’s been hard,” say the Paris-based duo. “We’re pretty much into any music style, depending on what time it is, what mood we’re in, so we’ve tried to pick up a few, non-obvious tracks for you. Here you go.”

1. At 09:00, when I try to open my eyes…  Jessi Blue – ‘Frank Said’

“This is the perfect song to wake up to for me, just the energy I need with the softness of their voice to chill things down.” – Claire

2. At 09:05, in the shower… Rodriguez – ‘I Wonder’

“I’ve been a fan of Rodriguez since the day I discovered it. Thing is… his songs never get old or boring.” – Claire

3. At 10.00, as I wake up… Michael Kiwanuka – ‘You Ain’t The Problem’

“I discovered Michael Kiwanuka recently, and I’m not usually a fan of ‘goood vibes songs’, but this one just puts me in a great mood when I wake up. The whole album is gold anyway.” – Lucas

4. At 16:00, trying to focus… Chilly Gonzales – ‘Nimbus’

“Chilly Gonzales is a musical genius, and he always manages to drown complex structures into a flowing, soothing, cascade of sounds. Perfect to focus.” – Claire

5. At 18:00, to find inspiration… Jadu Heart – ‘The Love’

“Huuuge fans of this band. They’re gonna get big. They need to get big. They’re already great. Their first release literally became the soundtrack of some road trip we’ve been on together.” – Both

6. At 00:00, warming up… Etienne Jaumet – ‘Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)’

“I saw them live a couple of times (Acid Arab), and I just love them. Playing this track at a party always works as it starts discretely, then grows into something raw and powerful.” – Lucas

7. At 02:00, everybody out… Excision & Sullivan King – ‘Wake Up (12th Planet Remix)’

“Not even ashamed of this one, and I just picked it randomly through my collection of super heavy tracks. I’m the only one who’s into this kind of music in my group of friends, so I usually play this to get everyone to go out. Heavy dubstep in my guilty pleasure.” – Lucas

8. At 03:00, in the club… Locked Club – ‘Sluchilos’’

“Lots of my friends are into techno and bass music, which slowly grew on me overtime, after being to so many events, and this track is just pure fire to me. This weird carnival sound mixed with the loud ‘bouncy’ bass… Just love it.” – Lucas

9. At 05:00, walking home… Népal – ‘Rien d’Spécial’

“If you’re not familiar with this French rapper, then check him out. It’s both dark and soothing. The lyrics are incredibly well-written – if you speak French – and he’s also a beatmaker which is something I like, for a rapper to make their own beats. Also check out his track ‘Laisse Rouler’, which is also a pure beauty.” – Both

10. At 06:00, falling asleep… Bon Iver – ‘Perth’

“Bon Iver’s music is my secret place. Every time I travel somewhere and can’t sleep at night (a recurring problem I have), I just play it and even if I stay awake, everything will be alright.” – Lucas

“We’ve got so many memories tied to this man’s music.” – Claire

Savaan’s second EP, Observatory, is out now via Yunizon Records. Listen to it HERE. “We hope you enjoyed this playlist, folks! Don’t listen to only one kind of music, spread love only, and seek to find unknown artists for you’ll always be surprised!”

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Find Saavan’s playlist below and HERE.

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