Sammi Lanzetta‘s feminist-fueled indie-rock has won her a loyal following in the states, having toured with the likes of Diet Cig, Tacocat and Minor Poet (Sub Pop). Today sees the Virginia artist release her debut LP via 6131 Records, and tonight she’ll be playing Trans-Pecos in Brooklyn.

“I’m really excited to release my first full length album, Ceiling Mirror. It’s a collection of songs I’ve been working on since I was 18 and living in Richmond (I recently moved to Brooklyn a couple months ago.) Around then was when I first started writing my own music. This album has a heavier, more ‘garage rock’ vibe than my first EP, For Avery. The majority of the tracks on Ceiling Mirror are angsty post break up jams; I hope that my fellow drama queens can vibe with them and my exes can cry to them.”

As for her Top 10: “I’ve had this playlist in my phone already for a while now because I thought aesthetically, it was funny, but I stand by these tracks as certified ‘bangers’ (or are the kids calling them ‘bops’ now? I’m not too sure.) Here are 10 really good songs about folks with ‘traditional’ femme names.”

1. The Four Tops – ‘Bernadette’

“This is perhaps one of the greatest and most passionate songs ever composed, if you don’t hear this song and immediately want to play it a second time do you have a heart? I could loop it over and over again and strain my vocal chords belting that chorus.”

2. Laura Branigan – ‘Gloria’

“I’m not sure if a track can amp me up quite as much as this one. I listen to it a lot in the morning when I’m getting ready, mostly because it’s fun to dance to in your underwear. I would definitely also listen to this on the way to a job interview if anyone wanted to give me one.”

3. Dolly Parton – ‘Jolene’

“We all know that Dolly Parton is an angel sent that we don’t deserve. Perhaps ‘Jolene’ should be on every playlist.”

4. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rhiannon’

“Rhiannon was an obvious choice for the list. The production and lyrics of this track are breath-taking. Would you keep reading this list if I promised you heaven?”

5. Beck – ‘Debra’

“Let Beck’s falsetto sooth you. This song is so great and references JC Penny in the opening line. One day I aspire to write a sexy song this good but set in a Denny’s.”

6. T. Rex – ‘Debora’

“Another song about a Deb. Two whole songs about Debs and no songs about Sammis. Harsh…. definitely my favorite T. Rex track though, and while writing this I found out these two Deb songs were both on the Baby Driver soundtrack. My Dad already told me to watch it, but now I want to find out more about Deb and why she gets all the good songs.”

7. Amy Winehouse – ‘Valerie’

“Amy’s voice will always pierce me directly in the soul. I love her so much. This is also my karaoke go to.”

8. Pixies – ‘Allison’

“Pixies make me so nostalgic for my teenage years when I first stumbled into their discography. ‘Allison’ reminds me of being in the car with my older friends who had gotten their license before me. They were like ‘you have to check out this album’ while blasting this with all of the windows down and the volume up load. They were right, I DID have to check out that album.”

9. Steely Dan – ‘Josie’

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never made a playlist that didn’t have a Steely Dan song on it somewhere. I’m starting to get jealous again when I hear the line ‘We’re going to rev up the motor scooters when Josie comes home’ mostly because none of my friends would ever be that excited to see me, or let me ride on their motor scooter.”

10. Jefferson Starship – ‘Jane’

“Jane, as jealous as I can be about some of the previous lyricism in this playlist; I do not envy you because your relationship sounds like it’s full of games. It’s okay because I admire your sacrifice for the sake of this riff heavy rock n roll masterpiece.”

Ceiling Mirror is out now via 6131 Records.

Sammi Lanzetta plays Trans-Pecos tonight in Brooklyn. Full tour dates HERE.

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