Having released his Waves Calling EP earlier this year, multi-instrumentalist singer/producer, Sands, has now revealed the psychedelic animated video for the lead single of the same name. Watch it HERE.

“I love the way the track has been pictured, the mood it captures through the imagery it conveys,” says Sands, of the video created by Eddie Plex. “It’s a journey you go through in the different parts of the song.”

Waves Calling is the follow-up to last year’s Sands EP, and sees him highlight his new wave side with a bunch of dark-tinged tracks, adding more synths and drum machines to the pot.

This is The Top 10 Tracks of the Not Top 10 Tracks of some of his favourite artists.

1. Nick Cave – ‘The Witness Song’

The Good Son is my favourite record of his at the moment, it’s the one that for some reason stood out after listening back to his catalogue lately. Maybe because of the soulfulness that is spread through it, as well as the balance with the production. As much as I love this track, this is not the best cut in my opinion!”

2. Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘I’m Designer’

“This is off Era Vulgaris, the first release of theirs to somehow disappoint the fan base and move away from their trademark stoner sound. I love it, and that made me love it even more. Its rough dark garage sound it’s got so much character, and I can see that this was a step into post punk and a new wave flavour. ‘I’m Designer’ is brilliant, but not sure I’d pick it up as one of their best tracks”

3. Neil Young – ‘Computer Age’

“Considered to be Young’s lowest point of his artistic output… I completely disagree. I mean, what’s wrong with liking this?”

4. The Smiths – ‘Rubber Ring’

“I remember when I first started listening to them, when this track came on I was always left kind of unimpressed if not annoyed by it. But over the years it grew on me, and now I love it! Sinister shuffle vibe. Just out my top 10 though.”

5. Talk Talk – ‘Happiness Is Easy’

“Explaining their greatness to people seems to be kind of difficult. Honestly they’ve always struggled themselves to get recognition – especially in the UK – even when they were at the peak of their career. I feel there’s some sort of unique artistic layer involved, their journey is one of a kind. This track is just one example, but go search for more, you might get surprised.”

6. Spiritualized – ‘Run’

“Their first record is such a trip. It mirrors the vibe of an era. When I listen to it I totally get its relevance still to this day. I love the sound they put to tape here. Mixing rock’n’roll with ambient / ravey vibes. But hey, what about ‘Pure Phase’ and ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We’re Floating In Space’ as well? So you get there’s far more from them.”

7. The Rolling Stones – ‘Undercover Of The Night’

“I think there’s not many people that like the Stones in the ‘80s. Well I’m one of them. Alright, maybe not everything. What can you say to this tune though? A perfect party number, I dig as well all the weird production bits. I’m not talking about a favourite though am I?”

8. David Bowie – ‘Scary Monsters’

“Fuck me! This is in real The Top 10.”

9. Chic – ‘Savoir Faire’

“A band in which I wouldn’t know whether I’d like to be the guitarist, the bass player, the drummer, the keyboardist… even the mixing engineer! It’s like you can’t go wrong with them, so this I picked is working well enough. The kind of ‘filler’ track for an album.”

10. Primal Scream – ‘Autobahn 66’

“They describe what attitude is to me. They’re live shows turned me upside down, showing what being on stage means. Same as their records, in which they just go for what they feel like not setting too many boundaries, as true lovers of music from different angles. Don’t know how many times I did play this. Nevertheless probably won’t end up in a Top 10 list.”

Waves Calling is out now.

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