This March saw the release of the much anticipated debut album by Schultz & Forever, the musical moniker of Jonathan SchultzGrand Guignol follows on from his three EPs, each a stylistic jump from release to release, and the debut album is a coming-of-age album in an extreme sense.

Everyone can relate to breaking away with the ideas and convictions they grew up with, and to stand on their own two feet. But for Schultz, growing up has been a revolt against the very foundations of his beliefs. He was raised a Free Church Christian, and spent his school years in Christian schools. It wasn’t until college that things changed, “That was the first time I heard about the Big Bang as a scientific theory, and felt my beliefs slowly starting to crumble,” says Schultz. “Instead, I had to find meaning in music, art, and literature.”

Grand Guignol, with its dramatic title and images; it’s angst, doubt, fear, and religious fascination and condemnation, and Schultz’ doing away with all of his previous beliefs, ultimately feels like a victory. In the end, the listener is left with a feeling of catharsis, and of having arrived in an exciting place: of approaching stability.

Be sure to check it out, then kick back with his Top 10 Songs to Play Ping Pong To…

1. Kraftwerk – ‘Tour De France Ètape 1’

“The pioneers of western electronic music in the 70’s and one of my favourite bands of all time. The whole Tour de France record is great for biking, running and exercising in general, but try playing ping pong while listening to this record, and it will definitely improve your forehand.”

2. Leftfield – ‘A Final Hit’

“I love the repetitive bassline and synth melodies in this song, which is perfect for getting in the zone when playing ping pong (or doing heroin in the ‘90s).”

3. The Durutti Column – ‘Abstract of Expression’

“Again, another song from a record where the whole thing fits perfectly in an intense ping pong match. I love Durutti Column so much, and Fidelity is a record I randomly stumbled upon when I saw it in a record store window. I bought it immediately, since I had never seen or heard about this record. I was amazed to find out how different it is from every other record by them.”

4. Kodie Shane – ‘Losing Service’

“The past 8-10 months, I’ve developed a strong addiction to trap music and this song is just amazing. I love the synth theme that plays through the whole song. The lyrics are so stupid that they’re amazing.”

5. Herbie Hancock – ‘I Thought It Was You’

“Such a great song from Herbie Hancock. This song inspired me to use vocoder and talk boxes. Vocoder beats auto-tune anytime.”

6. Paradis – ‘Toi Et Moi’

“The production on every single song these French guys have made is just out of this world. I’ve heard this band so much the past year and introduced many of my friends to them. It’s an obvious contribution to the ping pong playlist.”

7. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Star Guitar’

“’Star Guitar’ would also fit perfectly for TOP 10 Songs to Listen to Bike to While Being High. Another song where the production and everything else is just amazing.”

8. Ashra – ‘Sunrain’

“Just because it’s ping pong, the music doesn’t necessarily need to have a beat. This album, New Age Of Earth, is probably one of the most influential ambient albums of all time, and is perfect for any sport.”

9. Plastic Bertrand – ‘Stop Ou Encore’

“Before ping pong matches everyone needs a few balls back and forth without counting any points. This song is perfect for the warm up session and fore- and backhand training.”

10. Pages – ‘If I Saw You Again’

“One of the greatest songs from the late 70’s. Such a great harmony and atmosphere in this song, and it should get you in the mood to either have sex or beat your opponent in table tennis.”

Schultz & Forever’s Grand Guignol is out now via The Big Oil Recording Company.

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Photo: Magnus Bach Pedersen

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