Selfie Boy (who also happens to be one half of The 2 Bears) is set to release new single ‘Right Time‘ this Friday, October 7th.

‘Right Times’ comes ahead of debut album, The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1, via 1965 Records on December 9th.

“I am Raf Rundell AKA Raf Daddy AKA Selfie Boy AKA Sandy Downstairs AKA The Bin Kicker AKA The SADJ. All through this season we walked riddles around the fields and briars. On hills and under brushes. The music played. Our medical team were in close attendance. The aftermath is still to be processed. Maybe this will help.”

Check out his top 10 playlist, entitled Come Down With Me…

1. Cosmic Hoffmann – ‘Space Disco’

“It all began in 1978 with the acquisition of a frame and other dream-related apparatus.”

2. The 2 Bears – ‘Increase Your Faith’

“You will not find your spirit in a doctor’s surgery. They haven’t got a pill to increase your faith. They haven’t got a pill to increase your confidence. They’ve got a pill to relieve suffering, but they ain’t got a pill to alleviate suffering.”

3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – ‘Baby’

“And the bells rang at Southwark Cathedral. Were they heard across the river? We were out in the moonlight looking out at the stars above…”

4. Neo Maya – ‘I Won’t Hurt You’

I lost all of my pride. I’ve been through paradise and out the other side. With no one to guide me. Torn apart by the fiery wheel inside me.

5. Suns Of Arqa – ‘Ananta Snake Dance’

“Further into the healing cosmos. How far can I really go before you no longer believe…”

6. Philippe Chany – ‘Cairo Connection’

“But believe you must. If you are to find your space again. Study the hieroglyphs. They have something to tell you.”

7. John Wizards – ‘Lusaka By Night’

“Head for the South, far far to the South and ask for John.”

8. John Cale & Brian Eno – ‘Spinning Away’

Then all of a sudden we were the wrong way up and the great winds of the planet spiralled in. We were spinning away

9. Pachanga Boys – ‘Time’

“As time goes by… There’s my baby, lost that’s all. For once I’m begging you save her little soul. Oh how we miss you.”

10. The Velvet Underground – ‘New Age’

“Over the hill and looking for love. I’ll come running to you baby when you want me.”

‘Right Time’ is out on October 7th.

The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1 follows on December 9th.

Selfie Boy - The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1