This week’s playlist was created by Joel Wästberg, the Swedish producer behind sir Was.

“Everyday life. So many things: sad, fun, boring, surprising, unpredictable, predictable, scary, nice, weird, sunny, rainy, windy, still. Many things. I put together some music that perhaps could accompany a couple of the many, many feelings that might pass through one’s mind during a tram ride or two. Some you might like, some you wont. Let’s go!”

1. Holger Czukay – ‘Persian Love’

“Just heard this for the first time last week. It´s just so beautiful.”

2. Dudley Perkins – ‘Flowers’

“I can hear this everyday for the rest of my life”

3. Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited – ‘Kuyaura ft. Jonah Sithole’

“Melancholic, sad, striving.”

4. Milton Nascimento – ‘Minas’

“I love it when worlds collide.”

5. Domique Young Unique – ‘War Talk’

“That’s a flow.”

6. Sly & The Family Stone – ‘Mother Beautiful’


7. Liturgy – ‘Ecstatic Rite’


8. Henry Purcell – ‘Music For A While’

“Counter tenors still doing their thing!”

9. Ornette Coleman – ‘Broken Shadows’

“Love this melody.”

10. John Cage – ‘Dream’ (1948)

“Good for almost anything, anytime.”

The debut EP by sir Was, Says Hi, is out now via City Slang. Check it out HERE.

sir Was Says Hi