This week’s playlist was created by Stealing Signs, who have just released second single ‘Two Thirds‘ from their upcoming EP, A Different Time, which is due out next month.

“As a band, we’ve always been heavily influenced by movies and soundtracks,” says singer and guitarist, Nick Acton. “It sneaks its way into songs in all sorts of different ways. Sometimes the lyrics are lifted directly from scripts. Other times the instrumentation imitates a musical movement from a movie. In our latest release (‘Two Thirds’) we echo a film’s structure. The lyrics don’t really tell a coherent story but the sections of the song do (albeit abstractly). It only makes sense that we base our top ten around musical moments in movies then! I’m talking about the perfect marriage of sound and vision in my own humble opinion.”

10. Hans Zimmer – ‘Why So Serious?’ (The Dark Knight)

“Never before has a score fit a character better, in my opinion. The music is written for the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series, and the second it starts, the atmosphere changes. Whenever the Joker is seen with the long creepy drone of ‘Why So Series?’ you know shizz is going to go down. We’ve tried to play homage to this during the first track of our EP, ‘You Will Be’ with an atmospheric background noise opening the song.”

9. Queen – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Shaun of the Dead)

“I’m a big fan of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost. I’m also a big fan of Queen. When ’Don’t Stop Me Now’ starts playing from the Juke Box of The Winchester Tavern pub whilst zombies are being taken out left right and centre, you’ve got to smile. The scene itself is a perfect juxtaposition of brutality and happy-go-lucky pop music. I like that kind of thing within song writing as well. We juxtapose all sorts of instrumentations in ‘Two Thirds’.”

8. Hall & Oats – ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ (500 Days of Summer)

“What a tune and what a film. Having just slept with the girl of his dreams, the main character (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) struts down the street along to the song. The scene slowly gets more and more meta, with the character breaking the fourth wall and performing a short dance routine with various town folk. Pop at its best with the perfect imagery slapped on top. The song definitely informs our pop-ier side.”

7. John C Reilly – ‘Walk Hard’ (Walk Hard)

“The title track from this stupidly hilarious film pretty much sums up the sense of humour we share as a band. It’s essentially a spoof of ‘Walk the Line’. When Dewey Cox (John C Reilly) sings the song within the film, a montage of ridiculous reactions ensue. It just really tickles me.”

6. John Farnham – ‘You’re the Voice’ (Hot Rod)

“Another unashamedly stupid film that we really like is Hot Rod. It’s essentially about a kid who wants to be Evel Knievel. After some poor attempts at stuntman-ship, he finally decides to jump over many busses. With the entire town behind him, he walks heroically towards the stunt as ‘You’re The Voice’ plays. You have to see it to really appreciate it. The moment spirals out of control to hilarious effect.”

5. Rupert Holmes – ‘Escape (The Pina Colada Song)’ (Guardians of the Galaxy)

“Everyone knows it. The sound track to this film is fudging great. ‘Escape’ is used during one of my favourite moments in the film. Peter Quill (the hero of Guardians), retrieves his possessions from a blue Alien in a triumphant way and blasts out of a space station prison along to the track. It is a great crescendo of music and action alike. This kind of ‘hero moment’ is something that we hope to capture in essence at the end of our music video for ‘Two Thirds’.”

4. John Williams – ‘The Magic of Halloween’ (E.T.)

“It has to be one of the most magical mixes of movement and music in cinema history. Being exactly the right age for classic Amblin family films, all of us in the band love a bit of Spielberg. During this track, Eliot and E.T. find themselves deep in the forest on a push bike. The Extra Terrestrial takes control of the bike and whilst the sounds build tension the pair of characters edge closer to a cliff edge. Of course, as the bike speeds over the edge the music lifts off in perfect synergy with the lift off of the bike. What a moment.”

3. Kiss – ‘God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You’ (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Adventure)

“My VHS copy of this film was well and truly worn by my repeat watchings. Spoiler Alert! At the end of this film, Bill and Ted emerge from their phone box having been on a time travelling trip of musical tuition. They play this Kiss tune to, basically, the entire world and become the biggest rock band on earth in the process. I remember thinking, ‘this is the most uplifting thing I have ever seen’. It’s such a powerful song and is perfectly cheesy for the moment it inhabits in the film. I’m sure it has something to do with my love of playing in a band today.”

2. Elton John – ‘Tiny Dancer’ (Almost Famous)

Almost Famous is essential watching for any musician in my opinion. It makes playing in a 70’s Rock band look fricking awesome. The band at the centre of the story are at their lowest point in the film when ‘Tiny Dancer’ begins to play on the tour bus’ radio. Slowly but surely, they forget their gripes and begin to be unified by the tune. Being in a band for as long as we have, I completely identify with the scene on so many levels. Plus Elton John is a legend and can do no wrong.”

1. John Williams – ‘Yoda and the Force’ (Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back)

“John Williams. He is just the best. Fact. It’s safe to say that Star Wars has influenced me personally throughout my life and this has made its way into the lyrics of certain Stealing Signs songs. I could pretty much make a never ending list of my favourite moments within the films. However, the best melding of music and moment has to be in Empire Strikes Back. Yoda shows a stroppy Luke Skywalker how powerful the force is by gently raising an X Wing out of a swamp with one small claw hand. It is unbelievably well written. John Williams teases you before a big moment by building tension and releasing it in a spectacular way. If we can capture 1% of his majesty in our music, then that would be enough for me. What a man. What a scene. What a piece of music.)

Stealing Signs’ latest single, ‘Two Thirds’, is out now.

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