This month saw the release of There by London via Japan trio, The fin., who blend synth-pop, chillwave and dream-pop, complete with English lyrics addressing universal themes of everyday uncertainties.

For one-man mastermind, Yuto Uchino (vocals/synths), The fin.’s debut album is the summation of four years hard graft, taking his band and his creativity around the globe. “There’s been so many things I’ve experienced in the four years since I started touring abroad. I’ve been trying to remain everything I had within my music and keep it pure as possibly could.”

The fin. – completed by Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar) and Kaoru Nakazawa (drums/bass) – play East London’s Old Blue Last on June 27th. In the meantime, check out their top 10 songs which are perfect for a chill night.

1. Frank Ocean – ‘Nikes’

“Blond is one of the best albums in 2016, in my opinion. ‘Nikes’ is obviously a song worthy to be the first song of this great album.” ~ Kaoru

2. BADBADNOTGOOD – ‘Speaking Gently’

“I love the bassline of this song. I feel like I’m floating in the deep sea.” ~ Kaoru

3. Beach Fossils – ‘Birthday’

“It’s been my favourite since I was a student. I love this scent of youth hidden in the song. When I listen to this one, I can still feel that there’s some fragile part in me from my earlier life.” ~ Yuto

4. Wild Nothing – ‘Midnight Song’

“Very gentle and nostalgic. I listen to this one only at night. The guitar sound rings literally like a soft and warm breeze in summertime.” ~ Yuto

5. Beach House – ‘PPP’

“Extremely dreamy, it could be dreamier than a real one. It’s a perfect song for night time. It will lead you to a totally different world at the end of the song. The last repetitive chorus work is one of my favourite endings.” ~ Yuto

6. King Krule – ‘The Ooz’

“I often listen to this one when I’m alone at night as it gives me some nostalgic feel. Oddly enough, it reminds me of my home town in Japan. I love how this song make a normal night time special and romantic.” ~ Yuto

7. Metronomy – ‘Night Owl’

“I really like their latest album, from the time I was living in Tokyo, and this track is my favourite. For me, the sound of this song is perfect for night time, I can feel in it the nostalgia of this moment of the day.” ~ Ryosuke

8. Soft Hair – ‘Lying Has To Stop’

“This is the side project of LA Priest and Connan Mockasin, and I really love Connan Mockasin’s voice. When I’m listening to this song, I sometimes feel like his voice is taking me to the deep night.” ~ Ryosuke

9. Pond – ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’

Kevin Parker works as the producer of this band. We went to their show in London, it was amazing.” ~ Kaoru

10. Mac DeMarco – ‘One More Love Song’

“One of our Japanese friends, a photographer based in London, came to our house few times, and we spent some nights endlessly listening to music together. This is a song he told me about and it became one of my favourites.” – Ryosuke

The fin.’s debut album, There, is out now. Listen HERE.

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