Last Friday saw the release of ‘Everyone Is Dead’ – the latest single to be taken from the debut album by London-based, Cornish rockers, The Velvet HandsParty’s Over was released via Easy Action‘s new imprint Zen10 earlier this year, and went on to be Huw Stephens Radio 1 Album of the Week in May. Check it out on Spotify HERE.

“For our playlist we’ve decided to compile a bunch of songs we reckon not enough people have had the pleasure of hearing, or might’ve slipped their minds,” say the band (aka Toby Mitchell, Dan Able, Louis Mitchell and Sam Hilder). “Songs from some completely underrated bands, songs from early in artists’ careers, or songs we reckon just don’t get the kinda plays they should. Enjoy!”

1. Royal Headache – ‘Own Fantasy’

“Royal Headache are a really cool band that we listened to loads last year. Youthful energy and great songwriting, it’s a winning combo.”

2. The Cribs – ‘You Were Always The One’

“One of the only bands to come out of 2000 indie with any sort of credibility. I got given a collection of DVDs of The Cribs that Dan and I used to watch when we first started the band. Throughout all three DVDs, including encores and bonus features, I don’t think they manage to play one note in tune/on time. It was a good way to justify our lack of talent back in the early days. I’ve lost those DVDs so I have no idea what our excuse is these days.”

3. Johnny Thunders – ‘Chinese Rocks’

“A simple song about crack which just happens to be fantastic to do air guitar and knee slides to.”

4. The Kinks – ‘Party Line’

Ray Davies is England’s most underrated songwriter. I would say his songs are as good as Lennon/McCartney. Controversial.”

5. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – ‘Lariet’

“Stephen Malkmus is known for his work in Pavement but his solo stuff is a lot less trendy cool, making it about 10 times better.”

6. Public Access TV – ‘In Love And Alone’

“They didn’t really stand a chance as everybody kept on labelling them as ‘the new Strokes’ because they’re from New York and rich, but their first record is full of bangers.”

7. Mott The Hoople – ‘Honaloochie Boogie’

“Mott have more songs than ‘All The Young Dudes’, who knew?”

8. Tom Petty – ‘Something In The Air’

“Very aware that I’ve gone a bit Dad rock at this point, but ‘Something In The Air’ has such a great melody, no idea why it isn’t one his most famous songs.”

9. Benjamin Booker – ‘Violent Shiver’

“We’ve seen Benjamin Booker a few times now and he never disappoints. He has one of those raw voices that sounds as if he eats sandpaper for a laugh, which he may do for all we know.”

10. Dr. John – ‘Such A Night’

A great drunken singalong at the end of a night. The live version with The Band for The Last Waltz is incredible. Tried and failed to steal it many times.

The Velvet Hands’ debut album, Party’s Over, is out now via Easy Action.

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Find The Velvet Hands’ playlist below and HERE.

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