Australia’s Byron Bay electronic four-piece, Tora, have just dropped the second cut from their upcoming debut album, Take A Rest, set for release on June 9th. We’re loving the lush, layered sounds of ‘Another Case’, which they will perform live on their Australian album tour this June before heading to Europe and the UK, with a London date at The Lexington on October 9th, followed by a gig at Brighton’s Hope And Ruin on the 10th.

“Most of the songs on the album have been written over the last 2-3 years and were influenced by experiences we had whilst touring the world, resulting in quite a broad sound,” explains singer, Jo Loewenthal. “We borrowed a few synths from friends, and we recorded a lot of organic sounds in the cactus garden at Jai’s house, where a lot of the songs were produced. Some of the songs have flies, bamboo creaking in the wind, washing machines and even the sound of us scraping and hitting cactuses with rakes.”

Produced and mixed by the band in the idyllic surrounds of Byron Bay, before being mastered by Grammy nominated Engineer Andrei Eremin (WAFIA, Chet Faker & Hiatus Kaiyote), ‘Another Case’ follows on from the intricate first single ‘Amsterdam’ – a track which traverses from pocket grooves and bass-driven beats to soaring vocals.

As for their FMS playlist, “We’ve chosen the top 10 most played songs from our travels around the world over the last couple of years,” says Loewenthal. “We didn’t have a driver, so the music choice was always changing depending on who was at the wheel.”

1. Bob Moses – ‘Talk’

“Steady paced, a nice balance sitting somewhere between Upbeat and Downtempo, layered smoothly with interesting production sounds and catchy vocals, this song gives me a strange sense of nostalgia.”

2. Disclosure feat. London Grammar – ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’

“This was one that would often come on during the overnight drives, such a feel good song that keeps you feeling lively and awake.”

3. Kendrick Lamar – ‘King Kinta’

“This song is just obviously an outright banger, I remember the first week that album dropped it was on repeat in the tour bus. Lots of interesting sounds in there, outrageously good flow in the lyrics and an irresistible bass line.”

4. Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen’

“A masterpiece in many respects, that distinguishable Tame Impala sounds, punchy distorted drums and psychedelic production from Kevin Parker, thick and lush full of synths and master effects. At the point where you feel the song is getting to its end you realise that you are only half way and it morphs and warps into an equally as exciting second half which is in its own realm altogether. I guess he just ‘let it happen’.”

5. Alt J – ‘Hunger Of The Pine’

“We all love Alt J, their originality is admirable and they really don’t seem to worry too much about what anyone else thinks. This song really draws you in as there is so much anticipation in the first half, you’re left wondering what’s going to happen, then the classic Alt J sounding snare drum and percussive sounds kick in with the synths and it makes you feel like you’re in a trance.”

6. Balthazar – ‘Bunker’

“We were at a festival in Holland called Best Kept Secret, tripping off our heads on magic truffles. We stumbled into a crowd listening to this band who we’d never heard of before. This was the first song I heard them play, it stuck so strongly in my mind. At the time, I was basically on another planet so my mind was painting beautiful pictures on the back of my closed eyelids, soon after that festival this song was in the daily favourites on the tour bus.”

7. Bill Withers – ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’

“I can’t really imagine anyone not liking this song, it’s just so perfect in its simplicity, so much groove and feeling in every layer. Pure honesty in his words, although they are sad they do not feel morbid, he says it with such sincerity.”

8. ZHU – ‘Cocaine Model’

“Smooth house beat, catchy vocal, easy on the ears. This is another song that gives me nostalgic summer feelings.”

9. Kaasi – ‘Those Days’

“An ear massage, lots of pleasing noises mixed together, very enjoyable to listen to. Longish intro and outro which is nice because the whole song feels balanced. Just Listen!”

10. Flight Facilities – ‘Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise)’

Emma Louise gets inside your head with her soothing voice which sails over the top of the lush atmospheric ocean of sounds created by Flight Facilities. Energetic enough to keep the drive awake but still relaxing and suitable for all occasions.”

‘Another Case’ is out now. Take A Rest is out on June 9th via Lustre. Pre Order HERE.

Upcoming Tour Dates

22 – SissiKingKong Festival, Dortmund, Germany
23 – Haldern Pop Bar, Haldern, Germany
25 – Gebause 9, Cologne, Germany
26 – Schon Schön, Mainz, Germany
27 – SCafé Galao, tuttgart, Germany
28 -Unter Holz, Michelstadt, Germany
30 -Franz Melhose, Erfurt, Germany

02 – Uebel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg, Germany
03 – Ritter Butzka, Berlin, Germany
04 – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
09 – The Lexington, London, United Kingdom
10 – Hope And Ruin, Brighton, United Kingdom
11 – Witlof Bar – Botanique, Brussels, Belgium
17 – Exil, Zurich, Switzerland
18 – Bleu Lezard, Lausanne, Switzerland
19 – Neubad, Luzern, Switzerland
20 – Club Stereo, Nuremberg, Germany
21 – Paterre, Basel, Switzerland
22 – Strom, Munich, Germany
23 – Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig, Germany