Following a 20 year career as one of the world’s foremost professional dancers, Sweden’s Uma E Fernqvist has now taken her love of movement and music to compose her very first EP, Reverse.

Inspired by the ethereal 90s trip-hop movement as well as her own involvement in the cinematic world of dance, Reverse plays as a truly mesmerising experience, which aims to collect all the various inspirations from her career in theatre and bring them to a more personal and intimate arena. Haunting yet vulnerable, Uma’s debut EP is the result of a life of sheer expression poured out on stereo. Check out the video for ‘For U’ HERE.

Meanwhile, her playlist promises to take you on a trip, “I´ve chosen these tracks since they all have a quite cinematic feeling and great expression and brings you on a journey…”

1. Lulu Rouge – ‘You Say I’m Crazy’

“This mix of melancholy, dub and electronica and a cinematic feeling that I think is so special for Lulu Rouge, I really like how it makes your thoughts just wonder away while watching landscapes passing by…”

2. Jon Hopkins – ‘Open Eye Signal’

“I love this ongoing ‘drive’ in the track and the mix between the ‘bubbling’ and the ‘bursting into full-on techno’… also that it´s such great depth in his sounds…”

3. Tricky – ‘Hell Is Round The Corner’

“I still love it… Tricky, pioneer of the trip hop scene that has given me such inspiration… I´ve listened to this track so many times but I never seem to get tired of it. Also, it brings a touch of nostalgic feeling and the voices are just amazing…”

4. Portishead – ‘Glory Box’

“Also a pioneer, I love how they brought new sound into trip hop, their way of constantly finding new sounds and I just adore Beth Gibson’s voice… their music has always given me such great inspiration and I don´t seem to get tired of this track either.”

5. DJ Shadow – ‘Suicide Pact’

“This combo of old and new sounds are just so great… and the psychedelic trippy backbeats…”

6. Fever Ray – ‘Concrete Walls’

“The way of using the voice and effects on the voice… gives a very special, mysterious feeling. This track gives always gives me great inspiration for wanting to get back into the studio…”

7. Burial – ‘Endorphin’

“The fantastic cinematic atmosphere makes you disappear in to his sound landscape. Being on your way to somewhere makes this track a perfect soundtrack.”

8. Trentemøller – ‘Take Me Into Your Skin’

“For the innovative electronic bets and playing with depth and closeness… This track is in perfect symbiosis with the feeling being on your way… a bit of a ‘held back’ energy and some nerves and expectant impatience…”

9. Lamb – ‘Butterfly Effect’

“I really like this intimate and mysterious voice combined with the bubbling synthesizers. This track also takes you on a journey as it builds up.”

10. Jamie xx – ‘Gosh’

“Incredible drive throughout the track, fantastic video and Crunchy beats combined with the catchy sample ‘Oh my Gosh’ and the fantastic drop! This is also such great soundtrack when you’re on your way to somewhere… to perform… and the track just boost you with this great energy!”

Uma E Fernqvist will be performing in SAFE, by director and playwright Falk Richter, at the prestigious Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm this autumn.

Upcoming live dates, taking place in Stockholm in September/October, will be announced via Uma’s Facebook page and Her Reverse EP available to stream HERE.

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Find Uma’s playlist below and HERE.

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