Cleveland’s six-piece blues and gospel influenced alternative band Welshly Arms released their debut album just last month, No Place Like Home, which was pre-empted by the track ‘Sanctuary.’

“We wrote ‘Sanctuary’ in a time where everything on the news and in politics seemed so dark and out of control,” says frontman, Sam Getz. “Nothing felt safe, nowhere felt like home and there wasn’t a lot of positive news to find hope in. ‘Sanctuary’ is a reminder that hope is always there in the people you keep close. Even as the world seems to be breaking down around us, my family, friends and the people I love are where I always find my security and my home.”

Welshly Arms are currently supporting Thirty Seconds To Mars on the last leg of their US tour, before crossing the Atlantic for an exclusive performance at 2018’s Reading and Leeds Festival.

In the meantime, check out their top 10 tracks for boring, long haul flights.

1. The Monkees – ‘Porpoise Song’

“I’ve always been a big Monkees fan, especially through their psychedelic phase. I love the droned out washy drums and the way that the melody just ebbs and flows through the verses. Also a little known fact is that it was actually penned by Carol King.”

2. Ratatat – ‘Magnifique’

“This track (off the album Magnifique) was my introduction to this band by a good friend. Immediately it reminded me of an early Eels song and still to this day I have always been curious to hear a version with ‘E’ singing over it. Love this record and will often play it front to back while traveling.”

3. BadBadNotGood – ‘In Your Eyes’

“I love how this song kicks in, and also the string arrangements and Charlotte Day Wilson’s vocal delivery. The strings are reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra and I think Charlotte’s vocals complement that even more. Great record to listen to while deplaning. I’m not sure why? But it always elevates me.”

4. The Voidz – ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’

“This song came on one of my playlists while I was half asleep during a nine hour flight to Amsterdam… we had just landed and this song just kicked in and made me nearly jump out of my seat (in a good way)! Right off the bat, all of this percussion just kicks in and by the time the synths hit in the first chorus you’re instantly hooked!”

5. Sigur Ròs – ‘65°38’27.9″N/20°16’56.9”W’

“The newest release from the Icelandic Avant-Rock band. One of the more ethereal records they’ve put out but amazing nonetheless! I love the concept of using coordinates to label each track. These guys are always breaking new ground and pushing boundaries.”

6. Nancy Wilson – ‘Elevator Beat’

“I first heard this song in the movie Vanilla Sky years ago. It was placed so perfectly in the film that it immediately and profoundly made an impact on me. Granted it is a pretty short song… but there is just something in the tone of her acoustic guitar that’s always sounded so true to me.”

7. Coldplay – ‘Don’t Panic’

“Me and Sam (lead singer of Welshly) would just drive around for hours listening to ‘Parachutes’ on repeat. This is one of my favourite songs from that record and I love the nostalgic factor of listening to it now all of these years later and the fact that me and Sam are still taking those road trips.”

8. Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen’

“The one that starts my flight. The up-tempo beginning gets me ready for the take off and gets the blood flowing and my mind ready. As soon as the first chorus hits the plane starts to lift off. And a low-fi treatment takes over the chorus.

9. Brian Jonestown Massacre – ‘Dropping Bombs On The Sun’

“I love the random entry of the drums and settling into this sort of post R&B Groove. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live about 12 years ago and they completely blew me away. It’s awesome to see Anton continue to amass an amazing body of work.”

10. Beach House – ‘Norway’

“No DJ flight playlist list is complete without Beach House in my opinion. I’ve long been a fan of Victoria’s vocal style and her overall delivery. Great song and overall record for any departure.”

No Place Like Home is out now. Listen HERE and watch their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! HERE.

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Find Welshly Arms’ playlist below and HERE.

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