If there were ever a perfect time for sand and steel drums, am sure we’d all agree the time is now. So crack open a beer and let us introduce you to Brother Leo, with his summertime chill debut single, ‘Strangers On An Island.’

As if emerging bright eyed from a Wes Anderson movie, Brother Leo – aka Grammy nominated Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Ola Svensson – can be found escaping reality in the Mary Clerté directed video for ‘Strangers On An Island’, while the track itself was produced by British dance music legend Fatboy Slim.

“Brother Leo means freedom,” explains Svensson. “The name comes from a reoccurring dream I had as a kid. In the dream I had a twin brother, he was a free spirit, brave, confident and always had the answers to everything. He had superpowers and his name was Leo.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Brother Leo, as his intriguing story promises to unfold over the coming months, but for now let’s all sit back and bliss out this wonderful debut.

‘Strangers On An Island’ is out now via Columbia Records.

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