Today sees the release of ‘Too Lost In Love’ by LA’s The Molochs, the second single to be released from sophomore album, Flowers In The Spring, due September 7th via Innovative Leisure.

“I had come in with just this repeating chorus: ‘Too lost in love to see what’s going on,’” says singer-songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons. “It just went ’round and ’round in circles because it felt so good to sing and play. It was like a mantra. The lyrics express the kind of subjectivity that comes with a person’s individual experience. You could be having the most wonderful time falling in love with someone while the world crumbles around you and you wouldn’t even notice.”

After their 2017 debut album, America’s Velvet Glory, showed the world who they were, The Molochs (completed by Ryan Foster) needed to make an album that showed what they could do. Flowers In The Spring is where the Molochs worked harder, thought harder and fought harder to be the kind of band that the times demand: “I like to think the world just needs some good solid songs out there,” says Fitzsimons of the upcoming album. “It’s simple. It’s not easy … but it’s simple.”

Check out ‘I Wanna Say To You’ for another sample of all your favourite ’90s bands rolled into one.

‘Too Lost In Love’ is out now. Flowers In The Spring follows on September 7th.

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