Berlin based avant-pop artist ANNAVR (Anna von Raison) released her debut EP I: Hallucination just last month, the first of a three-part EP trilogy, pre-empted by ‘Under The Sand’, a track accompanied by a stunning visual portraying ANNAVR’s charm and elegant fragility.

“From very early on the range of music and genres I liked was vast,” says von Raison, of her playlist. “I could enjoy jazz and classical music, as much as hip hop, experimental electronic or cheesy pop tracks. I think, though, that overall it’s all kinds of black music that attracts me the most throughout, but attributes like freshness, an edge, a sense of risk, is also what I am clearly drawn to.

“Transitioning from being a jazz pianist/composer to actually producing music – scoring the movies in my own head – it is creating my own sound- and beat worlds what is fascinating me the most. The tension of comfort/discomfort, romantic /contemporary, tonal/atonal is central to my musical process.

“This playlist features some of the many tracks and artists that influenced my work in that spirit, and yes, I had to leave out a lot of loved ones: from Erykah, James Blake, Monk, Arca, D’Angelo, Drake, MJ to Frank Ocean, Flume, tbc…”

1. Igor Stravinsky – Le sacre du printemps

“For me the masterpiece of masterpieces. Melodies and harmony, emotions and orchestration, RHYTHM (!), deliver enough to inspire you for more than a life time. It caused an outrage on its premiere in Paris in 1913.”

2. Jason Moran – ‘Artists Ought To Be Writing’

“Radical modernism, maximum of freedom, genre-bending, that is what I associate with Jason Moran, with whom I had the joy of having lessons with in New York, while staying in the city as a scholarship student. This track, feat. conceptual artist Adrian Piper, and it’s lyrics (!) stayed on my mind.”

3. Tyler, The Creator – ‘911 / Mr. Lonely’

“Tyler in every way is such an inspiration, an unusual visionary and outburst in creativity on all levels: visual and musical. I love how this track surprises you with such unexpected transitions.”

4. Herbie Hancock – ‘Butterfly’

“I played classical piano since the age of nine, by 13 years old I got more and more into Jazz. At the age of 14 I saw Herbie Hancock and his band live, touring for his album‚ Gershwin’s World. It blew my mind. Nothing had ever felt so good, and I knew I wanted to spend my life around the (Jazz) piano. Also: If there is something like a feel good track, then here it is – release!”

5. Beck – ‘Earthquake Weather’

“I guess for every producer Beck is a great source of inspiration. His musicality and soundscapes are so deep and creative, poppy but never cheap, sometimes retro-ish but always fresh. Love his unique beat world on this track.”

6. Gajek – ‘St Pierre’

“Matti and I went to primary school together. But also as Gajek he produces electrifyingly futuristic club music true to the almost five decades old motto of Berlin’s Zodiak Free Arts Lab: „Total freie Musik“ – totally free music. In his 21st century turn on Kraut, Gajek revisits the abstract clarity and improvisational audacity of 1970’s electronics from a perspective firmly rooted in the digital now.”

7. Rihanna – ‘Needed Me’

“I have to admit that I wasn’t always a fan of Riri, but for quite some time now I am. And I find myself amazed by how much risk she takes. Her productions can feel so fresh, unpredictable and she manages to often re-invent her sound/herself and surprises the world. Only thing is, I wished for her to sexualize herself a little less sometimes, knowing she’s an idol to so many girls growing up.”

8. Dean Blunt – ‘Six’

“A friend introduced me to Dean’s (and Inga Copeland’s) work and I was so into it from the very first moment. The energy I felt from his music was so strong. This is probably my favourite track featuring a great Stravinsky sample – his flow over it is brilliant.”

9. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

“A Love Supreme is a suite that is broken up into four parts: ‘Acknowledgement’, ‘Resolution’, ‘Pursuance’, and ‘Psalm’. One critic has written that the album was intended to represent a struggle for purity, an expression of gratitude, and an acknowledgement that the musician’s talent comes from a higher power.

“While studying in Amsterdam I started a Big Band arrangement of the famous Coltrane Suite. It’s still unfinished, but I am still very much hoping to finish it one day. This album nourishes my soul, feeds my brain and makes me wanna dance. Groove like nowhere else, everything is designed for the maximum emotional impact.”

10. Justin Timberlake – ‘Tunnel Vision’

“I am a big JT fan and it’s hard to choose only one song that inspired me, cause there are too many: ‘Cry Me A River’, ‘Señorita’, ‘My Love’… Also from Neptunes to legendary Timbaland there is so much to learn from the producers and writers that he created his sound with. I love ‘Tunnel Vision’ for its sonic mood and beat. Maybe not so risky this one, but still fresh to me.”

ANNAVR’s EP I: Hallucination is out now via Zero Hours.

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