We have been obsessed with ‘Keep Me Up’ – the angular and reggae infused indie pop anthem from Berlin-based trio FÆM – since it dropped in our inbox. The video combines tongue-in-cheek choreography with timeless innuendos, in a spin on life in a polyamorous relationship. 

Despite their humorous visuals, the band admit to being deeply political. “It started as a very personal song about a polyamorous relationship with an ex-girlfriend” explains Jakob. “We both became jealous and competitive. But for me, it turned into a certain form of aggressive male jealousy, which I realised later causes a lot of problems in the world. The patriarchal system we live in, to a certain extent is very much built on male jealousy, and women die as a result of murder related to jealousy every day.”

“It started as a very personal song about a polyamorous relationship with an ex-girlfriend.”

“We follow politics closely and almost always write about politics,” says Jakob “It’s about the art first but politics always finds a way into the music in weird ways that’s maybe not so transparent”

When a band can so seamlessly blend the serious with the sublime and the ridiculous with razor-sharp humour, it’s clear that they’re about to take us on a very wild ride. Breaking not just their own mould, but that of most contemporary pop music. When pressed, the band refuse to describe their sound – but perhaps that’s because it’s impossible to put a label on music which incorporates elements of almost every genre imaginable. 

‘Keep Me Up’ is out now.

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