Japanese noise-rockers, Taffy, have just dropped a new video for the Brian Jonestown Massacre remix of ‘Young Tines’.

The four-piece met BJM’s Anton Newcombe through a mutual friend in Berlin during their EU tour last year, and bonded with Newcombe after a visit to his studio; “He kindly showed us around and had a great time sharing about what he was working on at that time, what we were up to, about music and everything else.” tells leads singer, Iris. “After we finished the tour and came back to Japan and recorded our songs for the EP Darkle, it just came up that he might be able to remix one of our songs if he could dig them.”

Newcombe chose ‘Young Tines’, “We were all really honoured and excited about that, and just loved it when he gave us the first cut. His remix is like a different song, more like one of his songs, it was simply so beautiful. The original was my favourite one so I was very happy when he chose this song for the remix.”

The following March when Tim Burgess visited Japan for the Charlatans tour he tweeted how much he liked one of Taffy’s songs and ended up inviting the band to Tim Peaks Diner at Liverpool Sound City this year. “It was all a surprising happening! Very generous and very thankful. It was such a coincidence because it was The Charlatans’ song that Anton was working on when we visited his studio, so he remixed The Charlatans and then Taffy right after!”

However, the BJM remix is just the icing on the cake of their shoe gazing monster of an EP, Darkle. If you’ve not yet heard it, the opening riff of ‘Suicidal Bunny’ sounds a bit like Nirvana, but only for about eight seconds, for what follows is a whirlpool of distorted guitars, a wall of dreamy chaos – as if you’re floating around in some wicked universe, lost, somewhere between the eighties and nineties.

Lead-vocalist, Iris, has a great voice – almost fragile at times – which works perfectly with the crunchy echo-laden guitars on songs like ‘Redamancy’, or the beautiful ‘Remember to Remember’, which has a thoughtful, nostalgic ring to it.

Third track, the original version of ‘Young Tines’, is a stoner track, catchy and beautiful, and sounds like something that could have come out of the late eighties Manchester scene, while still sounding new and fresh. Meanwhile, ‘Dr. K’ is a proper rocker with a twist of My Bloody Valentine, with layers of sound and rolling drums – it’s all very exciting to listen to.

‘HBD’ is a bit of a throwaway track, but – none-the-less – still manages to put a smile on your face. I mean, who on the planet would cringe over a jolly upbeat version of the birthday classic? Surely no one could be that cold.

Final track is the BJM remixed ‘Young Tines’, and with such prominent fans – Anton Newcombe and Tim Burgess – I’m sure that Taffy have now got the indie-credits they deserve.

Taffy’s Darkle EP is out now via Club AC30.


Words: Anders Knudsen