Cheap Monday Pre Fall 2016: Bad Nerd

Celebrate your inner nerd this autumn, with the help of Cheap Monday‘s Bad Nerd collection.

Without nerds there would be no progress, creativity or innovation in the world, but nerds are often laughed at. Not anymore.

Inspired by the classical nerd aesthetic with strange colour combinations, awkward patterns and typical hand-me-down garments, Cheap Monday looked towards Scouts for inspiration, with patches and badges being a strong feature in the collection. The overall silhouette is shrunken with details such as geometrical shapes and contrast stitching. The optic dogtooth print features throughout along with seasonal colours in orange and teal.

The women’s collection features circular openings, zips and triangle details, with slightly A-line skirts and dresses. For men the shape is more fitted and shrunken with standout pieces in jacquard knit, featuring badges and contrast stitching. Denim is tinted, worn and mended with offset blue tones and repair embroideries in slightly off-colour threads.

Highlights include the women’s cropped kick flare styles Drift and Relic, as well as the ‘Relic’ zipped denim jacket, while men can add a normcore touch to the Bad Nerd look with Sonic.

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Photos: Boe Marion