Today sees the release of the Soundtrack debut EP by Danish artist, Vida Sophia.

Soundtrack is a melancholic and emotional EP that deals with the fragile unfolding of a break up. The title song sets the mood – a sorrowful ballad about wanting to move on, but not having the power to do so. Final track, ‘Contour‘, symbolises the part of the process where a new life begins but moving on is not possible.

“It is incredibly difficult to leave someone you love behind,” says Vida Sophia (aka Nathalia Sophia Barat). “The feelings are many and the process is complex. I’m not good at it.”

Hovering between a euphoric cosmos of pop, electronica and melancholia, Soundtrack features epic synths with elegant and powerful vocals – a dreamy, distorted reality with emergent vibes of love.

Soundtrack is out now.