Wined and dined, oh it seemed just like a dream!
Girl was so kind. Kind of love I’d never seen
Only last summer, it’s not so long ago…
Just last summer, now musk winds blow…

Very few people lay down a lyric as fresh, pure and simple as Syd Barrett, but still adds equally enough bits of sadness and joy, too makes one’s heart beat feverishly while you stay in a mellow, dreamy state of mind.

With his songs, solo as well as the early stuff he did with the Pink Floyd, he always managed to paint the most colourful picture for everyone to see, taste and feel.

In this case, it’s an older track that dates all the way back from his Cambridge days, and apparently written about his relationship with Gayla Pinion, a stunning young Cambridge model. 

‘Wined And Dined’ is also said to reflect on Mediterranean evenings (“Musk winds blow“), and the ever present hauntings of Barrett’s lost childhood world.

The song is from his final album, Barrett, which was produced by his replacement in Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, who had a hard time saving all these fragile songs and pieces from their troubled creator, Syd, the fragile artist himself.

Chalk underfoot, life I should prove
Dancing in heat, our love and you…


Words: Anders Knudsen